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After all the research I've done over the past few weeks about how to preserve terpenes and the most efficient ways of medicating, I stumbled across this machine, which I had seen some years back, before I started growing.

I have been searching and searching for a method of decarbing without losing terpenes and cannabinoids; everyone disagrees about what temperature is correct for decarbing, how long to decarb for, whether a long slow process at a lower temperature is better or worse, etc. My head was spinning from the lack of consensus.

After I read about how the Nova works, I ordered one; it won't arrive until the end of October, but I have found exactly what I was looking for. I can put whole buds in there; no damage to the trichomes. It will preserve the percentages of cannabinoids.

Once the herb comes out of this machine, I can put a small piece under my tongue and feel almost immediate effects because sub-lingual is the fastest delivery. This machine will allow less herb to go much farther and pack a more powerful punch. I can make capsules with the whole food. I don't have to use any more heat unless I choose to vape or smoke. I don't have to worry about setting my house on fire using Everclear on a gas stove. I will still love to pass the joint around with friends, but now I understand how much of the good stuff is lost when you ignite the herb: this became pretty clear to me after I started my "leafy greens in the morning" experiment.

Best of all, I don't have to lose a single terpene. So the synergy will be whole and more powerful. I'm excited!!