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Has anyone ever used an LED in space bucket before?

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    Has anyone ever used an LED in space bucket before?

    I was wondering, the same way you'd cut an opening and put a PC fan in the top of the lid, what if you cut a round hole in the lid and mounted the light so a majority of the LED disk is within the bucket, but the very top of the disk was "flush" / slightly above the hole. This would allow the fan on top of the light to vent out the top as well as just run the power cord to the surge protector?

    I figure that would work. Only I would do it on top of the lid and not inside. I think you will still have some heat issues.
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      I would measure the actual the glass of the lights diameter and not the overall diameter of the unit. Cut the hole in the lid that size. Then I would get some adhesive (thinnest possible) weather stripping and put it around the hole on the top of the lid sticky side to lid. Then set your light on it. Then you wouldnt have to remove the whole lid everytime to look inside, just pop the light off. and the weather stripping will stop the light leaks.
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        Won't that be too close to your plant? I think LEDs are usually supposed to be 18" or so above the canopy, to prevent light burn.
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        • D.A.A.S.69
          D.A.A.S.69 commented
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          Hey Randy, it might work great, if you can add more buckets, to keep your led from bleaching -burning your plant. I seen a few of those buckets grow some good smoke, but they was using cfls, it might work just as good or better with your led. Give it a try. Good Luck with it.

        • PuravidaC
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          I like DAAS's suggestion to stack buckets for more head room. I don't grow with LED but they seem to require more space from plants than other lights. Stacking buckets would also be a way to adjust height of lights.

        • Garrett
          Garrett commented
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          Yeah, like D.A.A.S.69 said. Just make it tall as hell.

        You add a few buckets in a bucket to get the right distance.
        Here is a link which shows a few variations:;tag=ufo135
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          Thank you for the suggestions everyone.

          UrbZ I like your idea of mounting the light on the top of the lid. As of right now my space bucket has a pair of the split bulb sockets in the top with an exhaust fan in the center of the lid. I'm used to removing the entire lid piece, also for watering purposes. I wouldn't mind mounting it tho in that I take the entire top off

          I have 4 "spacers" already. I can always add more.

          I use white buckets so I don't have to line the inside with mylar. I do have a roll of it though (I did do the inside top of the lid, my home depot only had orange lids)

          I also saw one of the space buckets where they still used a fabric pot on the inside. Does anyone have any experience with that versus the dirt loose in the bucket? (I have proper drainage with a layer of rock under the soil to prevent the drain holes from clogging)


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