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New grower and thanks for the approval

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  • BigMak
    commented on 's reply
    If reading it with an accent will help my grow than what the hell, let's do it!!!

  • Farmbuck
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    Yep from what I see in the last pic, pistils are showing..! Don't chop the top on her.

  • PLreef
    Welcome, not gonna beat a dead horse. You've received plenty of great, useful info. READ IT, USE IT, READ IT AGAIN but read it a second time in a different accent.After you can apply the things you've learned. Not sure if that part helps or not but worth a shot right? If not... IF NOT THE FLOGGGING WILL BEGIN.

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  • BigMak
    commented on 's reply
    Awesome, looking him up now!

  • dhll999
    Looks good I am into my 2nd grow with autos and for the LST you could look at some Bill Ward videos on youtube he is a great teacher and a licensed grower and helped me out a lot
    Click image for larger version

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  • BigMak
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks! Appreciate the advice and will give it a try!

  • SoOrbudgal
    Hello and welcome to the GWE growing forum. I use to use Dyna Grow both grow and bloom but switched. No issues just ran out bought a different brand. When i use grow ferts on autos i test it on them. First couple of feeds are less than recommended just to be safe, and a tad of tip burn is no big deal but too heavy of use too frequently lead to issues. Just try giving to the ones 3wks and older less than 1/2 of what they recomend. It's how we learn and if they like it don't see any ill effects by 1month old feed them 3/4 of what they recommend. I only use the bloom when i see hairs starting to form a bud sites, then i switch it.

    Your oldest one maybe too stiff to try LST and maybe too old to top. These start to flower by 5wks from seed and they stiffen up quick. Just look at the other good growers and their autos and follow you don't need to do it until you feel confident and don't mind maybe messing up on one. Have fun and best of luck....ask away

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  • BigMak
    Awesome advice thank you!
    • Watch temperature so it doesn't go much higher. Gonna be a little hard since days here are already at high 90's outside and if I spend anymore money on this grow for an A/C unit I'm sure the wife will divorce me.
    • Raise the power bar off floor level. It is currently outside the tent on the floor but not too worried as I don't do hydro, yet
    • Clip on fan - ordering from amazon now
    • LST I think I'll hold off on for now and concentrate on getting a good grow under my belt first.

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  • UndergroundFarmer
    Welcome! It looks like a good start. I use a lot of Vivosun stuff myself - mostly the tents and clip fans. I have had trouble with one of their fans coming apart while running and wrecking itself so I switched to AC Infinity. I also don't have any experience with their LED panels - I'm only buying Platinum LED because the warranty is terrific and I love the results I've gotten plus USA made. I see your cords all run outside. Make sure your power strip is not on the floor in case of flooding. (I grow in hydro in a basement!) I tend to use cable ties to hold the power strip to a tent post WAY out of harm's way inside the tent. It may end up being more convenient to do it that way for you. And that reminds me - I don't see a fan to move air within the tent. A good oscillating fan that will attach to a tent pole is best. Your plants will need that to keep them swaying just a bit to harden them up so they don't fall over too easily from their own weight before they even have buds growing.

    I run my lights 18/6 in veg. I've only done photoperiod varieties so someone more experienced with autos can tell you if 24 hours a day light is a good thing. 80F is a bit high for cannabis, but a heat-tolerant variety might grow faster in that environment. 72-78 is a better range. You may need a small A/C unit to help manage that.

    Check out this thread for an auto grow that you may want to watch:

    2 out of 3 said to do this - I didn't want to. So it's just me and myself doing the input here. Little background - not getting frustrated but White Powdery Mold is not my friend. Yet it likes to show up. If it shows early on before pistils start I have no problem spraying them with a product made by Safer's - Defender

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  • JeffInCanada
    Hello BigMak
    Welcome to the forum. It looks like you are off to a great start. It looks pretty good inside your tent. For your questions, I only have experience with #3 & #4 so I will try and help with them.
    3- 80 degrees F and 40% humidity are not too bad. You won't want the temperature to get much hotter than that though. Also, do not assume everyone in here knows more than you
    4- For sure LST can help with yields for autoflowers. Since this is your first grow, consider just trying to grow nice healthy plants this first time. To learn and concentrate on that. But if you want to try LST the GWE site has a good page on it. See the link below. There is a section specifically on autoflowers. You can still LST those plant if you choose. It is not too late. I know what you mean about bending over the main stem and getting scared to break it. I just did my first LST grow (see the link in my signature). I was very scared that I was going to break it but it didn't break. They sure can break though, it's nerve wrecking.

    Other people will add some comments on the lighting etc. Good people and help in here. I have learned tons already. Cheers!
    Low Stress Training is like bonsai for cannabis plants. Plants are trained to grow flat and wide, which forces them to produce many big buds instead of just one or two. As a result, LST gives you bigger yields without changing your setup!

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  • BigMak
    started a topic New grower and thanks for the approval

    New grower and thanks for the approval

    Hi all,

    First of I want to say thank you for not only approving my access to this forum but also for helping me in my first grow. I've used the website and these forums to educated myself as much as possible around growing my first plants.

    Now I'm trying to figure out what can I do to improve my harvest. I've read everything I can about LST, nutrients, lights, soil and on and on but still unsure about all of it and what I can do to improve.

    This is my current setup:
    • Strain - Critical Purple Feminized Autoflowering
    • Vivosun 32x32x63 grow tent
    • Vivosun 4" 203 CFM Fan with Carbon Filter
    • 2 x Vivosun VS1000 LED grow light about 12" from top of tallest plant
    • TaoTronics 6L Humidifier
    • 2 Gallon Smart Pots
    • FoxFarm Happy Frog Soil
    • Dyna-Gro nutrients (Grow, Bloom and Mag-Pro)

    I have 4 plants growing. Front right is about 4 weeks old, back 2 are 3 weeks and front left is 1 week. They seem to be growing well after some problems with the first one and me being a noob and overwatering it. After letting it dry out and pruning a few yellow leaves it seems to have survived my stupidity. I attempted to try to do some LST on one of the back two but got scared I was going to bend it too much and break it so I stopped.

    So on to the questions:
    1. Is my light at the right position? I'm doing 24/7 light and haven't moved it since I started growing.
    2. I'm confused on the nutrients and schedule. How much do I use? How often? I've found the guide from Dyna-gro but my research makes me thing that due to the soil I'm using and that they are auto-flowering, I shouldn't be using as much as they say.
    3. I'm in a very dry hot area so my temp and humidity hover at 80 degrees and 40%. Is this ok? Again from my research it seems to be fine but you all know more than me.
    4. LST seems to go back and forth with Auto-Flowering strains. Some say just let it grow, others say do it. I'm going to guess the biggest plant is too old to start LST but how about the other three? Should I try it on them? Is the small one too small still?
    I think that's it for now and thank you again for allowing me to join this awesome forum!


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