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    commented on 's reply
    Sorry Canuck147, 14 now....I'm good for at least 5!

  • Canuck147
    Cool - now there's 9 of us paying attention.

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  • SoOrbudgal
    I dig it always ready to learn.

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  • Farmbuck
    Following here. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you on autos sir.

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  • Canuck147
    started a topic Autoflower training

    Autoflower training

    2 out of 3 said to do this - I didn't want to. So it's just me and myself doing the input here.
    Little background - not getting frustrated but White Powdery Mold is not my friend. Yet it likes to show up. If it shows early on before pistils start I have no problem spraying them with a product made by Safer's - Defender Garden Fungicide. Just be careful how you mix it - too strong and the plant will let you know.

    Last plant I harvested the other day went all the way to the end with no WPM. Other 2 plants were harvested just a tad earlier than I wanted. Oh well. WPM was setting in and couldn't wait - chopped one down in 20 minutes.

    Once one sees the WPM coming on - you have to do something about it. Had I waited another day - I would have lost more than the 10%I threw away.

    Anyways- I have 3 growing now -autoflowers grown in Promix HP soil - 2 gallon Geopots - first-pic they had only been fed plain water - second pic us 3 days later after being watered and fed a smattering of Green Planet nutrients.

    They are 3 different strains from Crop King Seeds - LSD - Girl Scout Cookies - Bruce Banner

    What I plan on doing is LST probably before topping - I'll top off the sixth node and the first nodes branches. I want to grow the 8 or 9 colas that come up apart from each other. If the first nodes branches are growing strong I'll leave them to grow - weak branches are going to be cut - past experience tell me they don't usually amount to much anyways.

    Me and myself will be giving updates as we see fit.

    Alltight OK? I'm talking now - reasoning behind not wanting to do a journal kinda thingie is cuz we never have a perfect grow. Now those other 2 want to show all our mistakes and those other times when we really fuck up and forget something. Yeah - duh - no geniuses here - just our usual stoned self.

    Self? Now is that just 1 entity or all three of us? Click image for larger version

Name:	20210330_174926.jpg
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