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Gwe: Solo cup judging thread: 2020

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    Gwe: Solo cup judging thread: 2020


    Ready or not the the time has finally come to open the judging for the 2020 GWE solo cup grow off. Please keep the following rules for this thread.

    1) Only competitors should be posting here.

    2) Post only once, one plant and only a sole cup plant. you get one post so make it count

    3) plants must have been grown between 01/01/2020 and 04/10/20

    4) finished or not you must post here no later them 12:01 PST on 04/11/2020

    What is expected

    Give us a story about why you did what you did. How you got to were you are.

    Show us your final pictures, done or not.

    give us a reference of measurement.

    Most importantly highlight your biggest winning quality whether it is speed, weight, height, size, it's your grow so tell us why it's a winner.

    The more details and pictures the better.

    I would like to take a moment and thank each and every one that has joined along on this grow off, it has been a real treat to have you here and share this experience.
    life has turned for everyone the last couple months, we have kept it together in a time of separation, to finish something that was started and I'm proud of all the effort that has been put into this.

    Thanks to SiriusFourside and NebulaHaze for the unconditional help you give.

    Good luck and thank you, my work here is done.
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    Space for Rent.

    Well I suppose I'll get this thing going because what else do I have to do at 4 in the morning lol.

    I grew Gorilla Glue auto from Fastbuds. She started on the 1st of the year, and was harvested 81 days later on 3-21. I used the Quadline technique on her, giving her 4 main branches.

    I'm not sure how you want the story, but I'll do my best lol.

    The short story to the long story is that this site lead me to start growing. But I'll share how I got onto quadlining for those who don't know about it or haven't seen my grows.

    I started mainlining autos following green75 on youtube. One grow I decided to leave an extra node on so I had 4 instead of 2. The results were good, so I've done every plant that way since I started using it.

    I chose the Gorilla Glue for this competition because the last time I grew it I got 1 1/2 lbs off it. I was curious to see if I would get 2 oz or more in a solo cup. This wasnt the case, but I did get 26g, nearly an ounce. I was very pleasantly surprised to get that much out of a solo cup. I may throw in a solo cup from time to time now if I get bored and do some other training techniques.

    Honestly, I don't think mine is the winner of this competition. She is pretty, she tastes better than the last seed of her I sprouted, and she yielded a decent amount. But I've seen a lot of plants in this competition that I believe are much better than mine.

    I will say it was pretty cool to do a quadline in a solo cup lol. She turned out to be a mini version of everything I've been growing the past year, in terms of structure.

    I have a normal sized bic lighter for reference here. I didnt take a tape measurer to her, but she wasnt much taller than a foot, if that.

    Thanks for starting this competition Mr.furley! I had a blast!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_231258_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5381
Size:	612.7 KB
ID:	390529

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_231320_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5095
Size:	430.5 KB
ID:	390532

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_234619_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5131
Size:	437.9 KB
ID:	390531

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_234702_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5047
Size:	461.6 KB
ID:	390530

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_234647_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5140
Size:	513.4 KB
ID:	390528

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_234932_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5085
Size:	335.5 KB
ID:	390535

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_235730_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5045
Size:	457.9 KB
ID:	390534

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_235758_copy_1209x1612.jpg
Views:	5019
Size:	550.2 KB
ID:	390533

    Past Grows


      I just want to say how much I appreciate Mr. Furley for organizing this whole event. Thanks for all this Mr. Furley, and good luck to everyone entering!


      • RagWeedDWC
        RagWeedDWC commented
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        Completely agree

      Official Entry into the GWE Solo Cup Grow Off, 2020.

      I decided to grow an auto flower as they finish fast and the newer autos produce fine plants.

      Plant: Walter White by Mephisto Genetics

      Germinated Jan 1st. Planted in solo cup in coco/perlite/hydroton on the 2nd. Broke ground on the 3rd. Almost 12 weeks to the day and a week past Breeders stated duration for the grow.

      Used a drip system in a 5 gallon pail on a timer with variable feedings from once to 4 times a day using Remo Nutrients. Abandoned the drip system due to warm nutrient solution having fast swinging ph. I battled yellowing leaves for a few weeks and some nutrient burn. Hand watered for last 3-4 weeks. 4 days flush.

      If not for the resilient nature of the plant I doubt I would have much of an entry. Genetics are important.

      Training was Ponytailing 8 hrs a day every second day for about 8 days and the rest was natural with some defoliation and trimming as needed. Walter White spread out all on her own with limited LST. In fact I had to secure all the outer branches to the main stem to support the flowers when they fattened up or risk breaking them. This was fun and a pleasure to grow.

      Height 15 inches, Wet Weight 213 grams.
      Final dry weight 50.21 grams or close to 1 3/4 oz.with RH @ 50%
      Buds are not real dense but smell strong and have good frost.
      The initial smoke is strong and hits fairly fast. Growing in a solo cup has been a blast and I will try it again.

      Oh and a big thank you to Mr.furley and everyone else who made this happen,
      Also to all the growers who made this fun and interesting. Can't wait to see the other final entries.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	20200220_204017_resized.jpg Views:	4 Size:	734.7 KB ID:	390727Click image for larger version  Name:	20200318_151429_resized.jpg Views:	4 Size:	319.6 KB ID:	390722Click image for larger version  Name:	20200318_103242_resized.jpg Views:	4 Size:	574.9 KB ID:	390723Click image for larger version  Name:	20200318_152221_resized.jpg Views:	4 Size:	640.1 KB ID:	390725Click image for larger version  Name:	20200318_110759_resized.jpg Views:	4 Size:	647.7 KB ID:	390724Click image for larger version  Name:	20200318_162518_resized.jpg Views:	4 Size:	487.5 KB ID:	390728
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      • JohnEmad
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        back at you mcubed476. great grow.

      • oldjarhead100
        oldjarhead100 commented
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        good job guys

      • billyboy
        billyboy commented
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        Congratulations on a great grow!

      I honestly didn't think any of the solo cups would produce a worthy amount but seeing others have done I'm impressed
      My official entry was a dark devil since I didn't think they would get big I went with quality over quantity ,

      She got to be about 6 to 7 inches tall and produced 28 grams wet and 4 joints dry lol

      the taste of this bud is amazing it will make your head spin just smelling it , the high is a heavy hitter then mellows out to a whole body experience

      I started her in with my photo plants so she would get feed 4 times a day until they got to big and she was dwarfed so I moved her to the table my dehumidifiers on ,added a new brick for 3 weeks then had to go with a big bottle of open sesame ,as you can see it was always a loosing battle lol
      new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
      current grow


      • JohnEmad
        JohnEmad commented
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        beautiful little plant. kept healthy to the end for some decent smoke is every ones goal. congrats.

      Sister Glue - autoflower - came to be around Jan 8 - harvested March 30

      Used a pin to make several pinholes in my solo cup - 5 nail holes in the bottom - after harvest I pulled it out of the soil expecting a root ball of some kind - but - no root ball just lots of roots. Maybe the pinholes had something to do with that. So that's all I did to the cup.

      After spraying my plant early on cuz her bigger cousins were having a WPM problem - but the concentrate was tooo concentrated - so I turned her leaves yellow and canoeing - I thought I had made a grave error - so i just let her grow on her own to she if she would come around. She did. But earlier I thought if she did come around I would just leave her alone to grow on her own. Which I did - just a few leaves taken off where required. No topping no lsting - didn't think I had enough room to bother with any lsting.

      She's a winner cuz she did it all on her own - all I did was water every day - sometimes every 24 hours wasn't fast enough - so I watered, fed, supplied air circulation and light. Easy peazy.

      Haven't grown this strain before but after a taster joint she is going to be sweet and potent.

      You can see how tall she got with the tape measure.

      Wet weight - 146 grams

      Dry weight - 45 grams

      Edit - never had a perfect grow and didn't with this one - after I inflicted the only problem (hate being the one that causes the problem) I didn't have anything else go wrong - never even tipped her over - but I put her in a 2 cup glass measuring cup so she couldn't tip - for the last few weeks.
      Attached Files
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      ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
      Mars Hydro
      Vortex in-line 6" fan


      • Canuck147
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        Thanks all

      • oldjarhead100
        oldjarhead100 commented
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        45 dry grams almost 2 oz from a solo cup very well done

      • Doubledealing72
        Doubledealing72 commented
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        Awesome job Canuck!

      Here she is in all her glory lol! All 9" of the neglected Alaskan Purple clone. She isn't impressive but went the distance and she'll be a breeze to trim. It barely had time to get rooted when I stuck it in the flower tent. I think I'm going to roll up something special with her when she's cured. Looking back, I definitely should have grown an autoflower. I'm ready to give it another go whenever you all are!
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Solo.jpg Views:	119 Size:	552.7 KB ID:	391430

      I figured I should post pics of the cup build. I started by punching 3 holes around the rim of the cup and filled about 2/3 full with Fox Farm Ocean Forest.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 1.jpg
Views:	4465
Size:	1.31 MB
ID:	393866

      I then stuck toothpicks through the holes and packed it with water filtration pebbles.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 3.jpg
Views:	4483
Size:	1.20 MB
ID:	393867

      I folded some cheesecloth and covered the cup with 4 layers.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 4.jpg
Views:	4478
Size:	829.0 KB
ID:	393868

      I couldn't find my longer zip ties so I linked 3 together and strapped the cloth down tight.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 6.jpg
Views:	4457
Size:	724.4 KB
ID:	393870

      I rolled up the cheesecloth and stabbed the toothpicks up through it.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 7.jpg
Views:	4510
Size:	476.5 KB
ID:	393871

      I chased the toothpicks back down through the holes with zipties.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 9.jpg
Views:	4427
Size:	623.2 KB
ID:	393872

      These 3 zipties are solely there to prevent the ring holding the cheesecloth on from slipping and letting the soil shift.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 12.jpg
Views:	4443
Size:	549.6 KB
ID:	393873

      Trimmed off the excess cheesecloth and cinched everything down tight.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 13.jpg
Views:	4452
Size:	411.6 KB
ID:	393874

      Flipped right side up. I later trimmed the excess zipties. I was going to use the basket to tie branches down to but that was wishful thinking as it never branched.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 14.jpg
Views:	4448
Size:	509.7 KB
ID:	393875

      Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 15.jpg
Views:	4466
Size:	526.4 KB
ID:	393876

      Scooped out a bit of soil and inserted the clone too early but couldn't risk the root getting too big to be able to safely plant through the hole.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 16.jpg
Views:	4455
Size:	637.0 KB
ID:	393877

      All done, time to take forever to root and take off then veg for a couple of days before going into the flower tent.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Solo build 17.jpg
Views:	4476
Size:	545.6 KB
ID:	393878

      Here she is on 3/12/2020, this is the only other picture I took of it until the 4/1/2020 pic at the top.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	SoloCola!.jpg
Views:	4427
Size:	717.4 KB
ID:	393879
      Attached Files
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      • SoOrbudgal
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        Look at those roots LOL well heck that will be at least 3grams

      • FunkyButtLovin
        FunkyButtLovin commented
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        That's just cheesecloth, no roots ever came out of the cup.

      This is silly but...

      THE SAD BUT TRUE SAGA OF HAN SOLO...besides being a girl and all...

      Han’s childhood started sad and unloved. Some would say she was sold by her prior owner. Others would just call her a “freebie”. Since the fine people at Seedsman bestowed her with the name of White Widow Photoperiod I tried to treat her with the kindness and respect she so rightly deserved. How to show these warm feelings? By plunking her into a shot glass of water on the first morn of the New Year of course! Cruel? Perhaps. Feeling some small measure of remorse at what I had done I snatched her up and out the next day. I could not overcome the feeling of anxiety and urgency…that I must bury that which I could not drown! So the deed was done. Avoiding suspicious eyes I took a red Solo cup and filled it with FoxFarms Ocean Forest soil, moistened it and placed tiny Han in the burial hole I’d created. Thinking this would be the end of it. But no. On the third day she sprang from the earth! We shall call January 4, 2020 Day One.
      And so it began…
      The next week or so was uneventful for little Han as she became comfortable with her larger “sisters” in her new room. She was even enjoying the new LED sun over her head. And then on Day 16 the lights switched to 12/12. What a shock. She was so young. But she powered through.
      By day 49 Han was showing nanners. Successful surgery was performed on day 50. (My fault the lights were too close.)FIXED.
      By day 53 I noticed peculiar patterns on some leaves. I then discovered that the water I’d been giving Han (on water only days) was at pH 7.8. FIXED.
      Day 57 was the beginning of the end for little Han as they say. She was only 13.5 inches tall after all. I noticed bad leaves on the lower plant. After further research it was confirmed. I had somehow visited upon Han the unholy wrath and evil spawn of all that is wicked in the world: Spider Mites. Also known as THE BORG.
      How to proceed when resistance is after all futile? Go to GWE of course. Alcohol and water spray. Peroxide spray three days later. Repeat. Hot Shot placed in the tent. Captain Jack’s Deadbug. Organocide. Alcohol and water yet again. Still eggs and new damage. Placed Han in a box overnight with the Hot Shot twice.
      By day 84 poor Han was looking just sad. Her leaves were crispy with a sickly color. I decided to perform a “wet trim” of the whole plant. She was looking pretty good undressed as it were and hopefully as bug free as possible. So I took her outside, turned her upside down and gave her yet another peroxide spray.
      The next day I looked for trichomes and little Han has mostly cloudy and a tiny bit of amber.
      Han Solo Cup was laid to rest on her 86th day. She was then bathed and hung to dry. As night fell she was transported to her old tent to finish her days before “The Jarring” occurs.

      On April 3, 2020 Han Solo experienced…The Jarring! And the weighing and the obligatory tiny puff to check if it was dry enough. She came in at a total of 37 grams in total with the center cola itself weighing in at 13g. So 1.3 oz of bud from a Solo cup. Who knew?

      EDIT: I pulled the buds from the jar as they were still too moist. I placed in paper bag with a hygrometer and it is at 58% this morning. I revisited the much drier weight before placing in the jar again. It is only 19 grams in total now. So it is actually about 2/3 of an ounce.
      Last edited by OlderNOTwiser; 04-06-2020, 09:54 AM. Reason: New weight values.
      TENT: Cool Grow 3x3x6 LIGHT: M-H TSW2000
      EXHAUST: AC Infinity T-4 and controller 67
      AIR CIRC: AC Infinity Cloudray S6 x2
      IRRIGATION: BluMat Tropf NUTRIENTS: Earth Dust


      • JohnEmad
        JohnEmad commented
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        That's one hell of a Solo, Older no twiser.
        great adventure.

      Here it second grow ever. Used some bag seed from Suver Haze CBD. Harvested about two weeks early due to root rot issues. She produced almost 20g wet, so hopefully I get about a qtr once dried. I was shocked to see how tall she grew- reaching 24”. Throughout the entire grow she maintained a beautiful internodal structure, and probably would have packed on the weight had it not become root bound and root rot. You’ll notice I trimmed it up almost halfway with the intentions of beefing up the colas.

      Im glad we got to do this. It was really fun. We should do a 1g pot next! Great job everyone.

      ****Dry weight of a whopping 6.42g. 😂
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      Current Grow:
      • Amnesia Auto Fem (Advanced Seeds) (1 gal contestant)
      • NYC Diesel (Advanced Seeds)
      • Strawberry Cheesecake (Seedsman)
      • Dr. Earth Organic dry amendments
      • Bloom City Organic- Foilar Spray, Cal Mag, Silica Boost, and Root Stimulator
      • Incredible Bulk Organic Bloom Booster
      • Dr. Earth Golden Bloom Organic Flower Enhancer
      • Black Strap Molasses
      • Mega Crop all purpose nutrients
      • Flower Fuel bloom booster


        The G14 was harvested on 4/1 at day 86. She was grown in 100% perlite with a timed auto feed and for the last 30 days she got continuous feeding. She was grown under a 4000k HLG- 65 in a 2x2x3 tent. I’m happy that I was able to bring her to harvest and her main tops look good. She only gave me 18.86 grams dry but she’s got a sticky quality to her that makes it worth while. Overall I think her slow start coupled with the cool temps in my grow area may have held her back. I had a lot of fun with this grow challenge and I’ve seen some great plants nursed along by phenomenal growers that are far more deserving of the win than myself.
        Failure is an opportunity for improvement!!

        Current Grows:

        Completed Grows:


          We have come down to the for this grow off so I encourage everyone that hasnt entered to submit your plant.

          Here I go.....

          It has been a great time and a lot of fun for me. I not only feel that I have learned a lot more about small pot growing but it has refreshed my understanding of the "perfect" environment for the plant you are trying to grow. It has become obvious that an Autoflower does better than a photoperiod plant here, that a higher feeding practice is key , and that more frequent watering was needed.

          This grow for me did not work out, I had a big dream of running a self watering system in a heavy perlite medium with a attached wire rack to training the plant in a so called upside down Scrog/Lst thingy.

          The first problem I ran into was leaving town back it February, I bought everything to have it self watering. The first thing that happened was I went to set it up and I dropped the brand new pump and broke of the plastic nipple for the water line, in the trash that went and I had to leave it to a helper to water The next mistake was not moving the plant into flowering when I left but letting it go another week. After I returned I missed water the plant some nights and it went 48 hour from time to time. This plant Never had the stretch I planned on for more bud sites so I was left to what I had.

          my plant did not finish in the time frame it will most likely be 10 days before it is ready. As of today I am out of town again, the pictures were from The 6th(Monday night) before I left and is my final post for the grow off.

          The plant smells good, the buds are dense, and I'm sure the dried bud will be good smoke.

          Thank you everyone for your great grows.
          Grower love

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          Space for Rent.


          • oldjarhead100
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            You did great and thank you for suggesting this challenge where did you get the grow weed easy stick,coaster thing , a very nice touch

          • NickyChicks
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            Nice job, thanks for hosting the contest !

          Alaskan Purple Fem - Seedsman
          Seed went into paper towel right after the ball dropped, and then into a rooter on 1/3. The rooter sat inside a net pot that fit perfectly into the solo cup and then that solo cup was fitted to the lid on a 5gal bucket that I made look like an oversized solo cup. I put a small airstone in the cup and poked small drain holes so there was some sort of air gap between the roots and the waterline. It's been top fed GH Trio, calimagic, Hydroguard and during flowering I also used FloraliciousPlus, Liquid Kool Bloom, and Bontanicare Sweet. She's being fed every 90mins for 30mins. I flipped to 12/12 on 2/9 and now here we are right around day 50 of flowering. She has been a lot of fun to grow and obviously we're not done here. This challenge just happened to fall in line (almost) with my first grow, so this is one of my first plants ever and I'm pretty proud of her. The flowering time is supposed to be ~63 days so I knew I probably wouldn't finish in time but I figured nothing to lose only lots to gain. She hasn't turned all the beautiful purple colors that her sister has but I can see she's on her way and the smell, phenomenal. Best smelling plant in my tent for sure. She's no winner but I learned a lot and I definitely want to do this again... I vote for 4/20 solo cup challenge same rules! Great job everyone!!
          4x4x6.5 tent, (2) 18"x46" LED Strip Fixtures 440w?? 🙃 (2) Solacure UVB T8s, Infinity T6 fan, (4) 5gal DWC res.
          GH Trio, Calimagic, LKB, Armor Si, Sweet, Hydroguard, GH pH

          I used to smoke pot. I still do, but I used to too.


          • SoOrbudgal
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            I love the DWC solos what a hoot. I am so surprise how well all the grows did. Really nice challenge

          • JohnEmad
            JohnEmad commented
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            First grow ever. You should be proud indeed. great job NC.

          • NickyChicks
            NickyChicks commented
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            Thanks! Some really amazing plants out there! Quite the display of thinking outside of the box from a lot of people. I think this gave growers an opportunity to try/see some things you wouldn't normally do or have always wanted to try.

          Great job everybody! I’m super jealous!


            Solo GG#4 started Jan 1st, along with her sisters to begin my 3rd grow. She had a custom made fiber pot which, yours truly designed and hand sewed. And a very comfortable hammock/swing system that i cobbled together with a bunch of stuff.(i may make some improvements to it to hold a 1-2 gal worked that She got the same nutes and i fed her every day usually. she drank a lot more once she started budding up. Used soft ties to spread her out at the beginning so it could push a few more colas up to the light. Cut her down tonight once the lights came on in the tent. 18"tall with the pot, 107g wet. Two really nice main colas..7" I have been watching the trichomes as of late and im ok with cutting her now. This was fun..and also a pain in the ass at some times. Shout out to everybody that played along...there are some really amazing plants that ya'll did.! some pics
            Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice hut
            Fusion Board LED Panel 480w
            6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
            Canna Coco/perlite
            General Hydroponics Flora Series

            Auto plants Strawberry Pie Auto(fast bud) Night Queen Auto(dutch passion) Chem Dog Auto(ethos) Unknown mix Auto(butterbean seeds)
            Photo plants Blue Cheese(butterbean seeds) Green Crack(Canuk seeds)
            Purple Gelatto(Canuk seeds)


            • JohnEmad
              JohnEmad commented
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              Love your growing set-up; very original. great plant. Congrats HG.

            • RagWeedDWC
              RagWeedDWC commented
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              Very Nice!

            • DingusKhan
              DingusKhan commented
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              That's a big friggin bush outta that little cup!

            Congratulations, everybody! Way to grow! Thanks again to Mr.furley and GWE for a most excellent growing and learning experience. And I hope and pray that you all stay well and safe. Peace and blessings to you.

            I'm sorry I've been so absent in the last month or so. We're still getting off light, here in the Umpqua Valley, and having a glorious morning.

            Mango stands for the Gher, and will enjoy her last few nights of reprieve to get a bit more amber. But her leaves look about finished, and today she is presented.

            She was cut on New Year's morning from a Mango clone given to me by JDU late last year. That plant has become one of my favorites: very easy to grow, adaptive and compliant, whether getting overfed or under. She rooted in 8 days in the bubble cloner, and was transplanted to a cup of Happy Frog.

            She was trained exclusively with LST. I gently coiled her stem with light gauge soft wire and bent her over, causing her lower branches to catch up with the top. I don't think I topped or FIMed at all, but I'm not sure.

            My approach to this solo grow project has been try lots of things, especially what we're told to avoid. In this case, she was grown in a transparent cup so I could see the roots. They got a little green with algae, but I don't think it affected her at all.

            On the other hand, her buds look smaller than those grown by Obi-Wan and Doubledealing72.

            She was lightly defoliated, and randomly watered with tap water and Megacrop light-medium strength solution, allowed to wilt a couple times. She also occasionally got CalMag+, epsom salts and molasses. She always looked a little hungry, and I tried to feed her extra, but I didn't really blast her.

            She was flipped on Feb 16th when all y'all sounded off the deadline reminders.

            I will definitely feed her more aggressively next time I grow her. She's definitely a keeper.

            Thanks again, I miss you all. Stay safe and healthy.
            Nothing is foolproof for the sufficiently talented fool.


            • JohnEmad
              JohnEmad commented
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              Nice structure and looks like she went the full distance before harvest.
              nicely done.

            • DingusKhan
              DingusKhan commented
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              Thanks guys, she has been one of the plants I've grown that I most enjoy looking at. But it's probably because I can hold her in one hand and turn her all the way around to gawk.

            • Greenlivin
              Greenlivin commented
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              Beautiful flowers!

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