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Aurora Indica nutes question

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    HYDRO Aurora Indica nutes question

    I'm doing an Aurora Indica DWC grow, I'm in flowering and things are going well. Last grow I had to repeat week 8 nutes and other repeats and I'm not sure if I did it right.

    According to @nubela schedule how many times should I repeat week 8.

    You in veg or flower? I would assume keep going until it's time to either flower them or up until 2-3 days (minimum) before harvest.


      Flower, early flower


        Depending on how early in flower I'd say you should be using either transition nute mix or flower mix by now. Not sure without more details, how many weeks into flower (not how many weeks total), what nutrients you're using, maybe a picture of the feeding schedule you're using, plant pictures, every bit helps.


          I repeat until I see the first signs of milky whites. I figure I have 2 weeks after that until I see ambers. I remove all nitrogen from the diet for the last 2 weeks.
          Spidermite how long does aurora typically take to finish? I know you have some experience with this strain.
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            Check this out Formernuke Right up your alley. Except for trichomes. That's your call.
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              Its 2.5 weeks into flower, I've done transition nutes one week when I first switched to 12 on 12 off and the last two changes have been the schedule for 1st week as NebulaHaze says to repeat that week as needed I'm wondering if I should do it again on this weeks change. I'll post a pic when the lights come one.


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