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    This is what I woke up to 32f woodstove is rocking today.


    • Rwise
      Rwise commented
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      Thats headed my way,,, looking like we may get a good snow,,,

    WX sucks big time. My wife had to cancel her medical appointment. No 6 hour round trip drive for me today!


    • SoOrbudgal
      SoOrbudgal commented
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      Yep that's cold LOL

    • JohnEmad
      JohnEmad commented
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      -6 C is considered mild for us northerners. Maybe by mid March we can allow ourselves to consider spring is getting closer.

    2 centimeters snow overnight, 3 degrees Celsius now, no more snow - rain on the way.
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


      70-some friggin degrees today, same all week with rain (the rain part is ok with me; the 70 degrees isn't).
      Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

      Growing since July 21, 2016; pothead since 1967
      2 BCNL Roommate hydroponic grow boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs, Future Harvest nutes
      Grow # 18, Aug. 2023: Anesia Seeds: Imperium X, Future 1, Sleepy Joe, Slurricane


        Well it's warmed up and melted the little snow we got it's in the 40s and sunny?


          still in the 30s around here midday early morning is tough for me I have to keep my legs straight when I first start walking otherwise the damn things go where they want or not go at all lol
          new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
          current grow


          • alltatup
            alltatup commented
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            So at least one part of you is straight!!!

          • oldjarhead100
            oldjarhead100 commented
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            lol yup

          I am watching 2 fronts move in, cold air from the NW and wet warm air from the SW, and IF they are right I am in the center of its path,,,,


            Supposed to drop to -1 degree tonight. First time below zero this year. I chain sawed some nice logs last week, and split them into nice burnables yesterday. All stocked for cold temps the next couple of days.

            I like some auxiliary heat to give the boiler a break in colder temperatures.


              Was 6 degrees yesterday above 0
              5x5 tent
              2000 watt Aglex cob series
              Mars SP250
              Six inch carbon filter
              Current grow 2 x ice cream cake, 2 x Torontonian Cookies 2 x shishkaberry and 1 x BC OG all reg​​ seeds


              • Nute
                Nute commented
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                So like 42 degrees for the American crowd lol

              This is quite an array of different weather. Some of those photos are my dream location. I have lived in -55F and 116F and cold never bothered me...until now.
              The northeast has been blessed with a mild winter. Heating oil prices are almost tolerable...not really, but on 60 degree days, it saves a bunch. Compared to summer when the a/c is running, you can light up the tent and still be way under the summer electric bills.

              GreenState looks like my back yard when I lived in north Troy, VT.
              BlueberryGIrl I thought I saw smurfs and gnomes in your yard

              this is what I live with 5 days a week...from the side view mirror

              Click image for larger version

Name:	65419487-360B-4B7D-A14D-B42BD07BCE59.jpeg
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Size:	797.9 KB
ID:	373087 smell that crisp fresh air


              • oldjarhead100
                oldjarhead100 commented
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                I used to hate the commute to boston every day this is how it was

              • Farmall
                Farmall commented
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                I grew up in areas where in 15 miles of roadway, you’d see 4-6 vehicles going the other way and each would throw a casual wave when we passed. Some times it would be a person you knew but mostly not...NO ONE on the roads. My wife is a country girl... but now, she loves the bright lights of the big cities.... I really despise them and avoid it at all costs.

              Its been a bit chilly around here past few days. On the Arctic coast in the NWT Canada..........

              The last 24 hours shown in the attached photo.
              Attached Files
              3' x 6' Grow Closet for Veg w/HLG 300 V2 Bspec
              New 5' x 9' x 7'11" Gorilla Tent for flowering with new Optic Slim 600H
              Flora Trio w/Cali and Hydro guard
              5 gallon Bucket DWC and bucket scrog set up


              • Nute
                Nute commented
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                I'm so sorry my friend I thought it was bad here in Ontario

              • Drekthar
                Drekthar commented
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                Assume you see the windchils hovering around the -50C range there. its been a cold winter.

              • SoOrbudgal
                SoOrbudgal commented
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                OK OK it's balmy here where i live just rain or overcast with fog. In the upper 50s

              My weather forecast is a mild, South Bay San Diego one.



                They say in Nebr. if you don't like the weather,wait til tomorrow. Middle of winter, you take some fresh air when you can. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0661.JPG
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                  Get accurate hourly forecasts for today, tonight, and tomorrow, along with 10-day daily forecasts and weather radar with MSN Weather. Stay updated on precipitation, severe weather warnings, air quality, and wildfire alerts.

                  Cold front rolling in. Temps might dip below 75(F) degrees. Pray for me.


                    RFheavy THAT is a terrible stunt to pull...


                    • RFheavy
                      RFheavy commented
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                      Haha! The weather lady actually called it that and I found it hilarious compared to the weather that everyone else is dealing with in this thread. One thing is for sure, I would not be able to handle the conditions posted on here!

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