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What kind of pipes or bongs do you prefer to use?

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    What kind of pipes or bongs do you prefer to use?

    Is there something you guys suggest to me? For example i fount this out, idk exactly which pipe would be a good choice for daily smoking?

    here the link:
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    I prefer the mini toker, Old school ,easy to clean , not too big to stash away easily.


      I prefer a vaporizer because combustion evaporates such a large percentage of the chemical content with the intense heat of fire. A vape will get you waaaay higher, too.
      Growing since July 21, 2016
      2 BCNL Roommate hydro boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs,
      Future Harvest nutes
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      • alltatup
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        s62 From my personal experience, nothing compares to the extraction ability of the MV1: it delivers the cleanest and most powerful vapor, which tastes the best. I consider it an amazing machine, but it definitely has a learning curve. I posted this about it when I first got my first one:

      • s62
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        Thanks, I’ll check that link out. The PAX has a bit of a learning curve to, but nothing too steep.

      • Farmall
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        We were discussing the MV-1 the other day and while the Pax is a TERRIFIC vaporizer, the MV-1 does take a bit more to use properly and I love them both. However as a solo user, I typically grab the Pax as it’s a tad easier to fill, but i do switch between the two. I did recently acquire the PURI 5 which I also think is as good as the Pax and a very nice unit especially the water bubbler attachment . Odd thing to fill but seems to work well. Pax is a nice tiny unit for everything it does. And alltatup is spot on. Vapes get you very high quickly and not combusting the material.

      ima joint/splif person myself but i do like a pipe that can be cleaned easily


        Doobie, water bong, buck horn you light it we'll smoke it
        Be nice Be humble Smoke Ganja create Peace

        Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
        indoor/outdoor grower
        1 4x4x8 tent -veg.& flower - 2 450 viparspectar
        1 3x3x6 tent- seedlings veg t-5, CFL 54watt w/reflector- viparspectar 450 veg. light only


          I luv my bongs with the tiny 1 hit bowl, or a glass pipe also with a small bowl. I like the taste of that first hit, so every bowl load is a first hit!
          I want a vape, but I am not ready to lay out $300+ for something I may not like,,,, lights come first!


          • JDU
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            I remember those little bowls. Today's big glass ones suck ass!!! If you don't clear your bong hit you're passing your stale smoke to the next person. I have a double chamber bong but these days I just keep a tiny stone pipe perpetually loaded.

          I enjoy using water pipes, I've got some dry ones as well. In the process of reacquiring my dab gear...Over time I've had an interesting glass collection, I've thinned it down, but am starting to look for some new pieces. Lately it's been Bong+PAX Era (Jack Herer Cartridges).

          The smokeshop I was at recently had a Hops Inline as well as Jagito bubbler, a Colton hand pipe, old Zach Puchowitz sketch gear, and some old Freeek as well....heading to 'The Cave' today or tomorrow to browse, I saw they just picked up some new Sovereignty.

          That's all a bit higher end glass, I think it's best when possible to support the local headshops. I'm learning that most artists these days do a lot through Instagram, which kills me. As you're looking for a daily use piece, it would be preferable to know what your smoking habits are.

          If you are looking at purchasing online, I would recommend this site instead:
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          Meesta's Grow


          • alltatup
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            Fascinating stuff, Meesta!! I still have my little dab rig actually; reminds me of around 5 years ago when I used to go to the atl to get shatter. And to think that I now make my own concentrates at home; woo hoo!!!

          The lad to talk to about pipes is Retodd-the lad`s an artist who makes the most wonderful pipes you can imagine. Apart from his pipe I am a Volcano lad and that`s just plain awesome. Take care


            They’re going to give me a weeks worth of advertising on here for my pipes. I’m far behind on orders as we The one with the U cut stem holder is Paganrich’s. The other went to spidermite. I’ve done work for oldjarhead100 too. But here’s a taste. Everything I do is hand carved and the wood is from my farm and 100-150yr old wood, minus the briar burl that I get in from Turkey.
            Thanks for the shout out Rich


            • SoOrbudgal
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              I would like info about one for my hubby. Retodd is this possible? I will send you a birthday card

            • Retodd
              Retodd commented
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              SoOrbudgal Just send me a pm and we can start a design on one. Understand though, they start at $500. There’s 7 pipes ahead of you now and that’s not counting the 2 I’m finishing up right now. I have over 200 hrs in one of them, but a lot of that time is in the base. It’s going to a hook bar in Memphis for $1,500. You can give me contact info in your message. Ttys

            I like joints...I HATE cleaning glass ... the little $5 one hitters are good for a couple of months before they go in the trash.
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            Supplemented with California Lightworks Solar System 275 with spectrum control
            GH Maxi Series-DWC
            Current grow - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream from seed
            - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream Clones
            - TGA GSC x Space Dude from reg seed in dirt, G.O. Box nutes


              Yes i'll agree with you HappyDaze sometimes I just set the dirty one aside grab a straight glass doob tube or I plug the hole of a pipe with a joint smoke it that way. I like joints the best.
              Be nice Be humble Smoke Ganja create Peace

              Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
              indoor/outdoor grower
              1 4x4x8 tent -veg.& flower - 2 450 viparspectar
              1 3x3x6 tent- seedlings veg t-5, CFL 54watt w/reflector- viparspectar 450 veg. light only


                I have always preferred a nice tight doobie, never liked a pipe , then I found the fishermans friend by monkey pipe. With a built in stash makes it perfect for having a little hash along with, wherever you go.


                  I‘ll agree with HappyDaze. I'm a lazy girl So cleaning glass is a big test for me
                  Being disabled really pushed me into quitting my long habit of smoking or bongs and into using e-cigarettes
                  So I choose vape pen as consuming marijuana methods.
                  I use venger 270 kit now (This is reason why I choose it:
                  it helps to get my fix without having to get out of bed, especially cause I tend to vape all day, since I am bedridden a lot of the time due to my chronic illnesses, lol. (I am one super anxiety and pain ridden girl, so smoking has always helped me calm down and also helps me keep my breathing calm.. It also helps calm down when my chronic pain gets bad! So many perks to quitting cigarettes!)


                    Joints freak me out because of my facial feature. Whatever bowl or nail I use has to be far enough away from my face not to make me cross-eyed when I light/dab up and not set fire to said facial feature. I've never met a vape pen that didn't make me hack. The one use pens are a phenomenal waste product. When one is done, there's a battery to dispose of. Even rechargable ones. I'll bet my next dab if I went to the recycling center I wouldn't find a single recycled vape pen. But so are the plastic containers weed comes in. It's all rather anti-hippie-one-love-save-the-earth sort of thing. The only good vape comes from flower vaporizers. Blunts get you extra messed up because you're mixing nicotine and other poisons to open your alveoli so you can absorb more THC. So, taking a known cancer causing product with one that is considered medicine and has no known associated cancer risks, I don't get. Plus I think they're nasty and I'm usually in some phase of quitting smoking.
                    A simple bong and spoon pipe for firing up. A simple dab rig for dabbing. A box vaporizer for vaping weed. I will accept joints as valid since they seem so popular. But forgive me if I don't imbibe.
                    Dr. Frankenweedenshteen
                    Purple Hulk Auto
                    350 watt Viparspectra
                    2'x3'x4.5' dual chamber perpetual harvest tent open wide
                    2-3 gallon fabric pots
                    1-18oz generic brand red plastic cup
                    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
                    Diatomaceous earth
                    Vinegar for pH down


                      It's not funny my Hash is on Fire.
                      Click image for larger version

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                      • Gingerbeard
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                        Ah! I'm a fan of punk metal. I was a metal head growing up. Never took any of it seriously. I thought they were fun lyrics. 'My Ass is on Fire' are fun lyrics.

                      • alltatup
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                        I know about the roof bein on fire, but not the hash...

                      • Mr.furley
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                        It's not funny my hash is on fire and then poof! There goes the roof.

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