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    Hey guys! My apologies for being so in-active the last week. I've been busy, so I've just been taking care of the little lady, but not had the time to sit down and chat with you.

    It has been 8 days since I gave her a flush, and she has been drying out since then. My plan was to feed her again today. The soil looks dry, and if I dig a little with my fingers, it feels dry for 1 inch, then it gets moist at best. So I believe she might be ready and dry enough for a new feeding.

    She still looks a little rough. But that's only because of the color of the leaves that were affected by the brown/orange spots etc. So if you look past that, she kind of looks fine.
    She's growing, and she's not drooping or anything. There are some burnt tips, courtesy of the lock out. And some yellow spots, which I believe to be the beginning of brown/orange spots that never got fully developed, because I got rid of the source to that particular problem. So despite all that, she looks fine. Or?

    Here's a few pictures, so you can see for yourselves.

    What do you think? Like I said; I'm thinking about feeding her again today. But I can't see any signs of "drought", so she might need a few more days?
    She did get a really good soaking last time, so I don't want to send her back to that fart smelling hell again, just because I can't be patient enough for her do dry up between feedings.

    I will be more active her again the coming week. The busy part of the month are behind me now.



    • DingusKhan
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      Oh thank God! I was starting to think the worst, but hey, she looks FANTASTIC! Great job, man, we all knew you could do it.

      The fading and spotting to me looks like normal leaf fading for this phase of her life. They are running out of steam, and the buds are starting to steal their nutrients. They will slowly die. In addition to normal defoliating at your pleasure, I also clip them off when the start to wilt on the ends.

      The very tips of your leaves are showing a touch of burn. I think you would be okay if you wait either she's very not damp when you put your finger in up to your 2nd knuckle, OR she starts to wilt ever-so-slightly, and then give molasses water, and skip the nutrients for a week or so.

      But you've got beautiful, healthy baby buds puffing up and getting frosty! You're about 80% of the way there.

    • Cocho
      Cocho commented
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      So no nutrients for a while then? How come?

    Not to worry Cocho. That plant will produce with or without you. Its biological drive to replicate its genotype insures you a crop of smokeable weed. The cannabis plant evolved sometime between 34 million years ago and 6.38 million years ago long before Australopithecus came down from the trees. And it survived without any knowledge of a magnesium deficiency.

    Did you know the Vikings and Germanic tribes used it for pain relief during child birth? I find it useful for making those babies too.
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    • Cocho
      Cocho commented
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      True! But then again, out in the wild, it's the survival of the fittest. And I don't believe that nature would result in magnesium deficiency, so it's mainly my fault anyway.
      But she's looking good. I only wish she would pack a little more mass on the buds. They're a little to airy, so I hope they get denser during the next couple of weeks.

      Hehe! Yeah, they have found traces of Cannabis in different forms, being plants, seeds, herbs etc. in Viking graves. And we also have a strong Shamanistic culture, dating back thousands of years. So it's only logical that they used Cannabis for something.

      And thanks for the feed back. Really appreciate it!

    Ok folks! Update coming in

    I gave her some water today. It has been 10 days since I flushed her, and since then she's been drying up, and I've not given her anything extra.
    So today I figured that she was dry enough. She is now 83 days old (from seed), and on her 40th day in flower. So she's about 12 weeks old, and should be ready for harvest in a little while.
    The hairs on the buds are still white and pointing straight out (more or less), with en exception of a few hairs here and there, that has turned orange/brown and curly.
    So my guess would be 2 weeks until harvest. But then again.. time will show.

    With all that in mind, and after taking DingusKhan advice, I decided to give her water and Molasses. No extra nutrients, except a tiniest amount of Epsom salt. Just to counter act the issues of late.
    Can't hurt, right?

    So today I mixed up 6 liters (1,6 gallons) of water, with 2 teaspoons of Molasses and 1 teaspoon of Epsom. The pH of the mixture came out at 7, but the run of came out at 6. So maybe next time I'll add some Baking Soda to the mix, and water her with 7,5 or something like that. To make sure the soil don't get to acidic.

    Anyways. She's looking good. And the tent smells good too. No more "farts". In stead the tens smells like sweet vinegar, Molasses and grass. The color of her leaves are good (rich green), except the ones affected by yellowing or the spots from earlier.

    The conditions inside the tent (as of today) are 26C/79F and 42% RH. Which is perfect if I'm not mistaken?

    I've been cutting away leaves that have no purpose, or are covering up buds or are "dead". But she's still "fat", and I'm thinking of just letting her ride this one out as she is. No need to mess with her any more.
    And I can take with me this experience, of growing Aurora Indica, to the next grow. And hopefully that one will do better, since I have a few pointers written down.

    So what do you think? Am I right when I say 2 weeks until harvest? The hairs are mostly (90%) white, but the other 10% have curled up and turned orange/brown during the last 48 hours. So things are happening fast, and that is why I believe she'll be 75% done in the end of this week.



      Very nice job Cocho, she's beautiful! I think you'll be fine picking leaves at that rate. Next time, you may get bolder, or you may decide you like that many leaves, she looks like she can breathe freely.

      My plants take a month or more from white baby puff ball stage, but then I have 2 small LEDs, and they take longer.
      Nothing is foolproof for the sufficiently talented fool.


        I wouldn’t set a hard harvest date let her tell you and which effect you want. According to nirvana she can be great sleepy time bud which would lean towards a later harvest if that’s what you want.
        48”x48”x80” flower/main tent
        600w mh/hps
        32”x32”x63” veg tent
        viparspectra PAR 450 led
        FFOF soil, Fox farms nutes, raw silica
        5 gallon Smart Pots
        Current grow Aurora Indica, Girl Scout Cookies, Wonder Woman (all Nirvana)


        • Cocho
          Cocho commented
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          Sure! I'm just giving myself something to go by. I will wait until she is ready, nothing sooner

        Do you have a magnifier for trichome analysis? I never go just by the color of the "hairs". Trichome analysis is a better way of determining the effect you are looking for. If I recall correctly you are looking for more of an indica couch lock effect. If you don't have a magnifier I would be rounding one up now. Plant is looking A-OK. It is a survivor.

        Bad news from my last grow. Both Aurora Indicas had a more sativa like effect reports my wife. They were both Aurora Indicas for certain out of Nirvana's sealed packaging. Here's hoping you get what you are looking for.


        • Cocho
          Cocho commented
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          Yes, I do have a magnifier. It's one of them tiny hand held scopes, with a LED light at the end. I believe it's a x60 magnifier. Nothing fancy, but it does get the job done.

          The Aurora Indica has 3 phenos. One Afghan dominant (Indica), short and fat. Couch lock effect. And one Asian (Sativa) dominant, long branches and space in between the nodes. And one Hybrid, which is the one Nirvana aimed for, but I guess haven't "pinned" down yet. This one looks like a Hybrid, so I'm going for the Amber trichomes, for the relaxing effect. But you can never know for sure what effect you're getting, until you try it.

          There's also some popcorn buds on the lower part of the plant, which I'm thinking about making bubble hash with. I have a set with 1 gallon "Bubble bags", so I might throw the smaller popcorn buds in there, with some ice cubes. My guess is that the popcorn buds will turn out milky white when the top is amber. Since they don't get too much light. So I guess the hash will give me a head high when it's all done.

        • starramus
          starramus commented
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          Locrian99 Seems it's a grab bag. Who knows what you are going to get. AIs in the past have all been either the hybrid or indica dominant. was my wife's favorite strain.

          Cocho 60 power is the best magnification level. the lower powered loupes just don't get you a large enough image.
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        • Locrian99
          Locrian99 commented
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          Well they look indica to my untrained eye lol

        Excellent !!!
        Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided. The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.


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