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    CBD Grow

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	2.90 MB ID:	148225

    They started poppin around 48 hours in yesterday. All under lights today. This is the first real CBD grow (with some other stuff): see my signature below for strains.
    Joined: 10-31-2016
    2 DWC grow boxes
    Current grow:

    Friendly advice:
    Read before, during and after you plant that seed:

    Im in 8-) !!!


      I’m in as well. Will be watching with interest.


        I’d like to watch this one,I’m in !


          I'm so in.
          My first grow
          Nirvana ♀ Northern Light photo
          Kind Soil/Roots Organic Original
          5 gal. Smart Pots


          • Dutchman1
            Dutchman1 commented
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            Alltatup, If you reduce the tincture with a fan to a small amount, then add a little water and a little glycerin, you wont get the strong burn. My tinctiures dont burn and they are still very potent and i use everclear. its about getting rid of the alcohol.

          • Aloner
            Aloner commented
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            This is exactly what I am planning on doing. Thanks, DM!

          • Tika
            Tika commented
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            I like Bacardi as well BUT I follow the ever clear with a little wedge of Brie cheese

          Me to Alltatup, happy growing.
          4or5. 100watt equivalent cfls for seedlings.
          300 watt, 145watt at the wall. Led for veg.
          315lec for flowering.
          Dug-up Ms.River topsoil with perlite added, using no nutrients but what's in soil.
          1 an 3 gallon SmartPots, using only PHed water at 6.3-6.5 ph. 32x32x63 tent.
          Afghan Kush Ryder from WOS
          Bubblelicious Auto from Nirvana


            Here we go
            Current grow:
            Strain: 2 THC Bomb Photo from Bomb Seeds
            Medium: Roots Organic Soiless Coco, 3gal Smart Pots
            Lighting: Viparspectra PAR600 LED (285 true watt)
            Nutes: GH Flora Trio, Calimagic, and Hydroguard
            Area: 36"x20"x63" Tent, 4" inline fan
            Methods: Topping, LST, Defoliation


              You, my fellow outlaws and cultivators, are all so welcome!!!
              Joined: 10-31-2016
              2 DWC grow boxes
              Current grow:

              Friendly advice:
              Read before, during and after you plant that seed:


                Nice Will be fun to follow this one!
                Mammoth 240L grow tent
                2x 600W hps/mh
                1x 400W hps/mh
                1x 250W LE for seeds

                currently growing 10x Pineapple express auto "fast buds" in soil


                  I'm in! I'm interested to see how the CBD strains grow!
                  Current grow:

                  4 55w autocobs (150 hps equivalent for each cob)
                  3 gallon pots

                  Bloody Skunk

                  Blue Dream

                  Sour Hound

                  Pineapple Express (all autos)

                  3x3x6 grow tent
                  GH Flora Nova Bloom/Silica blast/Calmag/Great White


                  Previous grows:



                    I like to help doesn't mean Im qualified.

                    cfl for seedlings and cloning
                    400 watt mh vegging
                    600 watt hps flowering
                    60/40 coco/perlite in 5 gal. Geo pots
                    Fox Farm: Cal Mag: Silica:

                    Current problem.


                    past grows:



                      While on the CBD topic, anyone know of CBD autos??
                      1st Grow
                      Session Sour Diesel & Rogue Valley Wreck
                      Tent- 4x4x6.5
                      Light- 600w HPS
                      Medium- FFHF
                      Pots- 3gal fabric
                      Nutrients- General Organics
                      Boosters- Fox Farm Trio for flowering
                      2nd Grow
                      Northern Lights AutoFlower
                      Tent- 3x3x5ft
                      Light- 1200w COB (220 actual watts)
                      Medium- KindSoil with FFOF
                      Pots- 3gal fabric


                      • GreenDragonRon
                        GreenDragonRon commented
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                        Depends on what THC:CBD ratio you're looking for?

                      • alltatup
                        alltatup commented
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                        There are tons of CBD autos; just specify that's what you're looking for on the left-hand menu on Seedsman.

                      Seven out of 9 seeds came up quickly, and I replaced 2. The third Critical Cure came up Mon. afternoon and has been in the box, under the light since then. Still waiting on Cannatonic to germinate.

                      I used my cheap lux meter to check the MH bulb in the big growbox; I thought I saw a wee tad of stretching in those girls, so I changed the bulb for a new one.

                      Roots are descending, so I will switch out the pH'd water for minimally nuted water this afternoon.
                      Joined: 10-31-2016
                      2 DWC grow boxes
                      Current grow:

                      Friendly advice:
                      Read before, during and after you plant that seed:


                      • Agentbuckwold3
                        Agentbuckwold3 commented
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                        The start of something awesome!

                      • D.A.A.S.69
                        D.A.A.S.69 commented
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                        You got a great percentage going there on your germination, looking great.
                        I've also got one of those light meters but I don't know how to use it, ever time I stick it under my lights I get all kinds of different numbers, I don't know if it supposed to be multiplied by 10 or 100 or 1000.
                        The only thing I got that I know how to work is my KillaWatt.meter that shows you how many watts your using. That's why my name is daas. Dum as a stick.

                      • alltatup
                        alltatup commented
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                        @D.A.A.S. 69 I wonder how many times I got to tell yo dumb ass that you ain't dumb!!!! If someone told you you was dumb, it was because they were so jealous of you...

                        Here's how you use the lux meter: I set mine on 1000X, and the reading is very different down at the bottom of my box than at the top. It's really amazing how the light intensity lessens as you move away from the bulb.

                        Check this out:
                        She's got a chart there telling you ideal lux levels for veg and flower, so what the seedling receives isn't going to be the same as what the plant just put into flower or after the stretch receives. The closer the plant gets to the light, the more the leaves (or solar panels) are doing their thing.

                      Alltatup what are your thc/cbd ratios for the strains you chose?

                      My wife would like me to grow something with very little to no thc but high levels of cbd. I have a ww auto cbd by dinafem in my shopping cart.
                      "Life is not about being dealt a great hand but playing a poor hand well"...

                      •Roots Organics over kindsoil in 5gal fabric pots

                      •Kind LEDs

                      •4" can-fan w/can-filter(carbon)


                      • Californiakid
                        Californiakid commented
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                        Good to know. The ratio is more important than the specific levels. (Is that correct? )

                      • Vapo69
                        Vapo69 commented
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                        Dude Californiakid I just posted this on another thread.....dinafem have a strain called DINAMED is THC 0.5%......CBD 10-14%....that is 1:25 THC to CBD GF has fibromyalgia.....I'm getting this for her next grow

                      • Paracelsus
                        Paracelsus commented
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                        Vapo69 that sounds Ideal but some THC would help balance the effect I've been told.
                        Please let me know how it goes.

                      Hope my ticket hasn't expired after all this time!! Gonna be here watching these beauties rise n fall Good luck to you and your lovelies!

                      4x "The Church" ~ 1x "Choco Haze"|Hydro/Soil|600w MH/HPS
                      Auto v1.0|Purple Strains|Hydro/Soil|600w MH/HPS
                      "All things are here for purpose and when they are explored by humans they give back and gift humans.
                      So if you would, open your mind to the idea that Earth grows things that allow you to understand her in greater detail.

                      Feel Earth, communicate with Earth and trust Earth.”


                      • Vapo69
                        Vapo69 commented
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                        Hey Nartak how's it goin dude?

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