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Summertime collection

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  • Joker
    Can't wait to see them heavy with bud!

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  • rockman
    started a topic Summertime collection

    Summertime collection

    Hi all! I'm super excited about being able to grow a number of sungrown organic plants this year. Mostly all are autos, except for 3 special very high CBD varieties I recently obtained from Seedsman. I've staggered the starts, so hopefully I'll have nice staggered harvests! 😊 The list is one plant each of Northern Lights, Critical Jack, Jock Horror, Swiss Cheese, Blue Mystic, White Widow, Lemon OG Haze. Then the CBDs...Green Doctor, Nightingale, and Candida. I'm growing in mostly 7 gallon smartpots, and using my homemade supersoil (lots of worm castings!). It's going to be a very interesting summer this year! 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

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