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    Leaving the site

    So I decide I'm out. Reason being is I don't find this site helpful.. Everytime someone asks something people respond with links to the GWE and tell them to read.. So why have this site if your just going to be referred back to where you came from.. Another reason is post complaining about others posts, like if you haven't realized this is for new growers with rookie questions. And if you don't want to answer don't reply or if you feel your a PRO grower above everyone else maybe you should start your own site. One for professional growers only that won't have rookie questions.. How about that? Other sites people respond to questions and I see post after post about a single question with no EGOs.. On the Google plus for GWE same thing EGOs and people making fun of others once again like if they don't realize it's a site for learning not wannabe PROs. Feel free to reply comment whatever on what you think about this I just posted. I will delete this I a couple of days or sooner if no one wants to comment on this.. Any one have Something to say?????? Just want to add it seemed more like a friendly grower group before this site at least to me now it's getting add ons at people's request and it's dividing the group if you ask me.. I'll just stick to reading GWE the original.. The answers are all there I just like to read what others think sometimes but not anymore.. at least not here.. GROWERS LOVE..

    I have seen a few of the threads where people have referred them to GWE links, i have also seen the thread about how GWE is ment to be read. I think there is nothing wrong referring people to well respected sources. From what i have seen, there has been no ego about this, just a respectful redirect on information. However, i do understand people can be lazy, no offence. It happens. They then ask questions that are easily answered in well written articles. If people are offended by this type of response, then thats just immature. This is not a paid service, we all try to help with what we can. As respectfully as we can.
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      Well said

    • rockman
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      Beautifully said Danof! ๐Ÿธ

    It's strange to hear such concerns, as I haven't encountered any negativity here myself. I love the forum and the people who frequent it. Always very knowledgeable and helpful.


    • Jeg
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    Sorry to see you are unhappy dude but I hope you find what you need somewhere else....GROWERS LOVE.
    If you need help leaving please refer to GWE and read tutorial.
    Last edited by Vapo69; 05-09-2017, 04:56 AM.
    The more I know, the better I grow.


    • NebulaHaze
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      I'm not sure what happened here, but I just want to remind everyone of how important it is to be empathetic towards other growers, especially if they're having trouble. We've all been there and it's important to the nature of the forum to be nice to everyone. If you don't have something nice to say, just don't say anything at all.

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      Lol that was funny

    • Vapo69
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      Glad you see the funny side was not my intention to offend ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Its not all bad, After all they let me here.


      sorry you feel that way nuggs I look forward to peoples questions and other peoples response there are some good ideas flowing around here but you do what you feel you need to do good luck
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      • Jeg
        Jeg commented
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        never mind I figured something out
        Last edited by Jeg; 05-09-2017, 05:35 AM. Reason: Figured it out

      Dude, first off sorry to hear that you are getting teased and/ or getting "ego-filled" answers. I haven't had that experience myself. As far as being referred to GWE to read it is because why reinvent to wheel? Your first step as a new grower is to do your own research FIRST. THEN, you come here to clarify the answers and make sure you are understanding the information correctly.

      You can't expect the good people here to hold your hand and walk you through every little step and REWRITE what has already been written in a very simple-easy-to-understand-way. If you are unwilling to go through the SAME steps that everyone else here has gone through then that's your own issue.
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        OK - complete newbie chiming in here - 2nd day!! The GWE website is an immense treasure trove of info - so much so as to be daunting. I am very happy to have discovered it (from a friend's referral) and thank full to Nebula for her dedication, passion and generosity. She has committed herself too uncountable hours of work putting this all together. Amazing really.

        Now to the OP's comments and decision to leave this discussion forum - I too read the thread where we were "encouraged" to stop asking DA questions - In essence - they have all been answered in the GWE sight. Do some reading then come back with intelligent questions. Of course - my rewrite - but also how I was reading it. HUH thought I. Kind of a tedious attitude. Yes, I will read the info in GWE but considering the plethora of information there - the many many pages and links I will likely not always find (or remember where I read it) and therefore come back here for a quick question. I don't mind being directed to a certain link if my question can be so easily answered. If you find my question(s) tiresome or of the "here we go again" variety - please don't answer. An obvious choice - just move on to the next thread.

        Like the OP, I am hoping to be able to engage with this community of people who have turned over some of the same dirt and now can save me hours of unnecessary effort or the frustration of making mistakes at the expense of my plants. AND then as I learn I will share too and help pull us all along on another cycle of growth. My mistakes, my successes and my photos will encourage, caution and inspire others. If I ever get so successful as a cannabis grower that I can quit my day job (not an aspiration as yet) I hope that I will remember my roots in this community, the friends and informants and the generosity of Nebula. This is the spirit I believe the OP finds lacking now. Perhaps it is just a lack of proper lighting in the current growth cycle and all will return again to the peaceable garden that Nebula intended. Maybe OP just needs a break for his/her own reasons and this too shall pass. In any case I wish OP - NUGGS - well and happy growing. I hope too that this community will be tolerant and patient with newcomers - answer questions or provide links, offer encouragement, share some tips, but nix the commentary. We know you know that's why we are asking. If my question is too
        POT HORTICULTURE 101 for you to care to answer - never mind please. Others will help in your stead.

        'Nuff said. Thanks for reading.

        Cheers, Crow


        • Jeg
          Jeg commented
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          Very well said, Crow. I concur

        • Gears
          Gears commented
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          As another brand new member of this forum, I wholeheartedly agree with Crow. Thanks for saving me the time it would have taken me to say all this, Crow.

        • rockman
          rockman commented
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          Thanks Crow, you understand well! ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒธ

        Originally posted by Nuggs View Post
        Everytime someone asks something people respond with links to the GWE and tell them to read.. So why have this site if your just going to be referred back to where you came from..
        I'll just stick to reading GWE the original.. The answers are all there
        Just so I understand properly, the answers are there which people may not have found or skim read and therefore missed what they were looking for and you disagree with people linking to the answers instead of retyping it themselves?
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          For the most part being on the new side I disagree, tho it is a tidge clicky here, but not mean for the most part everyone has been very helpful.


            Sorry for your feeling of despair nuggs..I'm sure you will agree..we all like to help people that first help themselves.. you should be thankful for people redirecting you to gwe website.. Where it's already written for you..and there is no chance of someone getting it wrong in their interpretation of it... As far as "pro" growers go... If they were not here.... many of gardens would of seen the compost pile before their harvest time... So you can't have one without the other... Sorry your experience has not been great here. We all wish you and your garden the best !! Growers love to you


              If you leave or not is your decision. But just to compare. If you think gwe is somewhat "intolerant" you should check the other forums like icmag where people is very rude and offending each other. Maybe this is not exactly what you expected but I'll tell you now. You won't find a better place to learn. To me be referred to a link or be told where the info is is way better than being called a "dumb fuck" and being completely ignored. This place is a jewel it is just taking shape. Nothing is completely decided and will probably continue changing. If you want to leave we all respect that and will take your personal experience into consideration when deciding in the future. But if you want to stay you'll find this is a safe place to express yourself. No one will call you name or offend you. And in this crazy times that's a lot to ask from the internet. Thank you for sharing your concern. We all do care


              • alltatup
                alltatup commented
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                hear, hear.

              • Jeg
                Jeg commented
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                alltatup I just had to google that. I always thought it was "here,here". Always learning! You so smart

              • rockman
                rockman commented
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                Great words of wisdom! ๐ŸŒž

              As a new grower I really appreciate the GWE community, especially this forum.
              Before posting here I spent close to a month reading the GWE tutorials to establish a basic foundation, then used the forums to refine and question what I learned.

              I find this community to be outstanding, and like other forums, there are a core of members who apparently "know" each other and may appear like a "click" but still are very helpful.

              At times it may seem a little frustrating if you ask a question and get no or minimal responses, but that is the same with any forum.

              @nuggs...don't be too fast to leave....there is a lot to be learned here.....try not to take it personal....just go for the knowledge.


              • Jeg
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                That's what I do

              • CCisme
                CCisme commented
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                Yep, agreed.

              Hey Nuggs, another newbie here. I haven't even started my first grow yet!

              A different perspective on responses that only supply a GWE link is: there is a LOT of info on GWE and finding the page with the info you need can be difficult sometimes. Maybe they're just trying to help you help yourself? I don't think you should automatically assume that person is looking down on you. And if they're linking to something you've already read, it's perfectly acceptable to say, "Thanks, I've read that" and then maybe rephrase your question.

              In any case, it'd be a shame to leave over something like this.
              My first grow


              • Crow
                Crow commented
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                Yup - well said!

              • Aloner
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                Jeg, using [] instead of {}, type {url=URL GOES HERE}LINK TEXT HERE{/url}, with the link URL (that's the whole http://www.blahblahblah thing) instead of "URL GOES HERE" and the text you want to be able to click on instead of "LINK TEXT HERE".

                Hopefully I didn't make that too confusing!
                Last edited by Aloner; 05-09-2017, 11:01 AM.

              • Jeg
                Jeg commented
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                Aloner Way over my head! But I'm gonna figure it out

              The OP seems to have left so I guess I'm preaching to the choir but ... for me, this forum is about what you can put in, not just what you can take out.
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              • Tika
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                Luv ya BTB โค๏ธ

              • Green75
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