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Seedling issue - Am I done before I've started?

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    Seedling issue - Am I done before I've started?

    Stupid excited to have my tent all configured and 'under one pane of glass' when it comes to controls.

    Lights, exhaust fan, and clip fan inside of the tent can all be programmed and controlled via an app on my phone. (And I have a schedule of sorts all fleshed out on it)

    Currently I have 2 seedlings in the tent on a 18/6 schedule with the exhaust fan on a similar sked. The in tent fan was blowing gently on these ladies until I took a look today...

    It appears that they both have flopped over either due to too much of a breeze, overwatering (the soil looked dry) or something else I might be missing.

    I lowered my SF2000 and killed the in tent fan (but still have the exhaust fan on a very low speed)

    Are these ladies done for already, or is there a chance of hope if I leave them alone for a while to see if they recover?
    (Mind you, this is my absolute first attempt at a grow so EVERYTHING is still pretty new)


    No need for any fan blowing on them really. They will be OK once they recover. Too much love.....


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      My latest seedling grow I used a small 2.5" fan and just had it blowing against one wall of the tent to keep air moving.

    To me it looks like they "were" stretching like crazy for the light prior to falling over.


      Wellll we got us a bury them deeper issue if you can might want to do it in there final pot. Or... nope i got no other answer other than when you do transplant they'll need support like a tooth pic to anchor them. Hurry else they'll die, got more seed?


        It's common to not add enough soil at first. Did you wet the medium before planting seed? Were they full or did you lose dirt? If the plant on the right makes it thru transplant it's already training itself sideways. The one on the left - I'd try to save, add more soil loosely around the stem and stake it, tied with something soft, gradually adjusting. Just seedlings needing light, dirt and some water, nothing too fancy at this stage. They should be standing up to the light, maybe they did drink too much? Don't blow 'em with fans yet.
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          I think your light is too far away. The seedling stretched way too much and fell over. Re-pot it into its forever home, bury it almost to the leaves and move your lights further away. be gentle.
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            Kill the interior fan. It's not needed until the plants are much larger. Lower your light as the plants are stretching too much, Either replant or fill the cups to the top with soil and support the plant with a toothpick. If you do this now, they should recover.
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              What they said with regards to burying them at least half way.

              Get the Photone app for your phone and calibrate it accordingly to the published ppfd maps for your SF2000. I've had good luck running seedlings at 200 par until they get two sets of true leaves then up the light to 250 and then 300 ppfd the next day or day after. There lots of good info on lighting but you have to know your own lights to follow it.
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                Congrats on your first grow! Sounds like you've done a lot of research and put a lot of effort and time into your setup so you should be proud of that!

                A few notes on your immediate issue:
                - First of all, your seedlings are going to be just fine with some minor corrective actions.
                - Use something to gently prop the little sprouts up...a toothpick, a plant tie shaped like a letter 'Y', or something else that you can adjust a couple times a day. They'll be growing straight up in no time.
                - Add some soil as well but don't go crazy - as the roots grow, they'll go down deeper and be just fine.
                - As someone else mentioned (and you already did) adjusting the lights will help keep the seedling from stretching too far too fast.

                Now for a couple of thoughts for moving forward:
                - The biggest factor that prohibits correct growth is often a grower with too much love to give! Not bad to be excited and attentive, but keep in mind that as with most things in life, less is more.
                - It's going to be easy to get all tangled up in numbers...PPM, ppfd, EC, and all sorts of alphabet soup. But remember: always go back to the basics! This means focusing on temp/humidity/ventilation/circulation/watering regime. And of course, nutrients as long as you don't become obsessed with them.
                - $#!+ will happen. Embrace it and learn from it. That's why you're growing instead of purchasing from a dispensary or your friend down the street. When things happen, take a breath and again go back to the basics. Those will help you treat the source of any problems as opposed to chasing symptoms.
                - Be kind to yourself! You'll make mistakes along the way...we all have and we ALL still do! The mistakes don't matter. What matters is that you learn from them. Take notes, keep a journal, do it differently next time.

                You got this!
                Organic indoor grower - 4x4 tent - 2 Electric Sky 180v3s
                Relax, don't worry, less is more...usually!


                  You all rock - I already dig this community!

                  I went ahead and transplanted these ladies to what will be their 'forever home' in 3 gallon air pots and used this op to cover a good portion of the floppy stem in wormdirt. (aka coco/CV)

                  Their little heads are nicely poking out and the light has been lowered - Ill give them a day or so before checking in on them but I have confidence they will recover and eventually thrive.

                  Thanks again for all of the great advice and encouragement here!


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                    GWE is a pretty great place for information and a wide-ranging span of information, opinions, and ideas and it's even more awesome in the time we're in where we would be led to believe that everyone is out for themselves.

                    Glad to hear you're making progress!


                  I went back to look in on them again and same shit, more leaves.

                  I transplanted them to the bigger pots, buried them up to their eyeballs and dropped the light to where its damn near touching their stupid asses.
                  Came in this morning to see them stretched and slumped again.
                  This time I took a couple of paperclips and make a makeshift prop to try to keep them upright. This damned initial stalk appears to want to maintain the figure of an anorexic meth head, but have the height of an NBA basketball player. (IF they survive they are going to have some knobbly knees from all of the breaks they have been enduring)

                  Im a wee bit frustrated at this point, but not defeated yet... I might try to pop some more seeds in cups in an attempt to get a better starter - these ladies are causing me heartache already.


                    Sorry to hear that you're still having a challenge with your little seedlings! Here is an article with great photos for how to help prop them up:

                    How are the bases of your stems? Do they look healthy or do they look skinny/weak/soft? They may be damping off and here's a good article about that: (although I do not agree you should actually cook your soil in an oven, and if you're growing organically, reusing your soil is actually a good thing as long as you add the necessary amendments between grows)

                    Hope things get better and if they don't that you are at least able to find out why so that you can prevent it in the future. Any new pics at all?

                    Organic indoor grower - 4x4 tent - 2 Electric Sky 180v3s
                    Relax, don't worry, less is more...usually!


                      Probably too wet. I'm 35 days into a grow and have yet to fully saturate the growing media to run off. I do initially wet to just a bit of runoff.

                      Using maybe a pint a day on 3.5 gal pots but managing their own RH for good VPD. The fan either runs at 76F or 66% to maintain things.

                      I sprouted three seeds and planted in 16 oz solo cups. Then put them in a big enough pot and filled with the same soil, wetted that. Then wrapped a heater around the pot to maintain 72F. The roots really liked the heat and they would initially grow towards the outside of the pot where the heater was. This is with mid 60fs ambient. So I guess what I am suggesting is keeping the entire solo cup warm and a constant temp.

                      Because these were sitting in soil they really could not get too wet as it just drained on through. They were getting about a ounce every two days at this stage, 8 days from the soak.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	GDP1 2023 8 day.jpg
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                        Well, sadly I had to pull both of these little guys as it appears that they 'broke to the point of no return' at the bend spot when they flopped at their early age. The leaves started dying so I am guessing the breakpoint wasn't allowing the rest of the plant to feed.

                        I just plopped some new seeds in some water for the next 12 hours before they go into moist paper towels to pop.
                        Hopefully lessons were learned and I will have a greater level of success this go round.

                        Thanks again everyone!


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                          If a lesson has been learned...Don't let it get you down.
                          Good luck on the next ones! 🙂👍😜🤞

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                          Sorry that you had to start from scratch, but like Blowdout says, what matters is that you learned something!

                          What strain are you going with this time?

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