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Root rot or heat stress

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    HELP! Root rot or heat stress

    Is this root rot? The top buds have been kinda close to the light actually very close about 6 inches (15 cm) or closer. But I have moved the light father away about 30cm from the highest bud. I have bought TA seaweed kelp. But then I noticed the roots on the plant, as shown in the video. I don't know if it's root what, help me save my beautiful beautiful plant!
    Hope someone can help me!

    Sorry for the bad English

    ​​​​​​1m2 (40x40 inches) Mars hydro tent.

    Mars Hydro TS 3000 450W LED

    ​Mars hydro inline duct carbon filter
    Wilma System Large 4 Planter 18L Pot

    Plants 3 wonder woman nirvana and 1 future autoflower amnesia seeds

    TA tripart hydro


      The foxtailing and crisp leaf tacoing definitely indicates light stress. At 6" you're torchin them girls. It's likely to late to fix any of this. You didn't mention what these plants are growing in. Have you been managing your pH?
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        I did its hydroponics system, mentioned in the comment above. Wilma System. And measured the pH yesterday. It was 5.6 but some fresh water in the tank, so now the pH is 6.0

      Give them an aloe vera foliar spray!


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        Do you mean the one that can be used on humans aswell?

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        Yes I would try some though making your own is best. Who knows what is in a commercial product. Just boil some aloe and spray.

      Back that light up to about 30 to 36 inches and let them recover a bit. Once they do then lower the light a little at a time.


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        Can't do that 😕 there's no more room 11 inches is the max

      then dim the light


        You need a taller grow space, or a bucket full of CFL's.


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            Coolbogge Don't worry about your English. It is better than a lot of the folks around here.
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              The good news is, you're learning about growing and recognizing issues, even if they were allowed to progress further than ideal. The other good news is that even with limited height, there are still actions you can take.

              For your immediate issue (which is definitely light stress):
              - While you can't raise the light much, raise it as much as you can and lower the intensity by dimming it.
              - You can also gently bend the branches away from the light. Do this very gently and carefully to avoid breaking any branches.
              - The leaves that are burnt will not recover, however you may be able to limp the buds along to the finish line although quality and yield will likely be reduced but you'll only know if you try!

              For your next grow:
              - If you have limited height, try some training techniques like SCROG, manifolding, as well as some low stress training (LST) to keep the plants more bushy and spread out like a tabletop.
              - You can also find strains that are shorter so that you can combine a strain with a shorter stature with the above mentioned training.
              - For planning purposes, start with the end in mind. This means that now that you have the experience of plants growing into your light, you'll be able to take lots of small actions at the beginning of your grow to prevent this issue from happening again.

              Things happen to all of us and that's how you learn! Any sort of recovery of these plants will take some time but all hope is not lost! Hope you keep us posted with how the rest of the grow turns out!
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