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    Need advice

    Hi I’m growing a bubble gum auto flower in roots organic and I’m waiting for my super soil to come in and I was wondering once I go to transplant it how do I mix my super soil and roots organic soil and do I need to have Amendments to the soil for to dressing or do I not need anything else do I just add water to the plants I’m new at this and I just want to make sure I don’t need to buy a crap ton of stuff if I don’t have to any advice

    I have never used Roots Organic myself but from what I've read it's pretty much already a living super soil. I see no potential issues mixing the two together and as far as amendments just watch the plants and see how they do. The trick to growing in a living soil is keeping it that way by feeding the soil and keeping it thriving. Since you are growing an auto I wouldn't think the soil will become depleted before harvest. I grow photos and I will add some phosphorus and potassium nutrient amendments toward the end to boost growth during bud.


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      Ok I appreciate it so just water and see what happens I appreciate the advice so no amendments at all that what the super soil is for when I mix it together with my roots organic soil I’m still waiting for my super soil to come in but I have my seedling in the roots organic soil in a solo cup and it looks good

    I believe that you are over thinking this. You should have no problems with a direct transplant or the soils mixing.
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      This is all you need to know. Nebula even mentions the exact soil you’re using:

      Read it and re-read it. Good luck!
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        NebulaHaze is a cannabis scientist if there ever was one.

        We should call her Dr. Haze and get a strain named after her.

      Personally I quit using hot soil as you never really know if it contains enough nutrients for the entire grow. Some strains are picky that way. I'd say just use properly PH'd water (6.5 for soil) and see how it does. If at any point in veg the leaves start going pale green, it needs more nitrogen. Other than that just keep the temps, humidity, light and airflow correct and you should have no problems
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