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Reusing runoff water from super soil. Ok or bad idea?

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    SOIL Reusing runoff water from super soil. Ok or bad idea?

    • What do you think of reusing the runoff water I collected from the super soil I'm using which has all the Necessary nutrients for 9 weeks. Im concerned the runoff water may contain too many nutrients and cause nutrient burn if reused, or is this new t an issue to worry about. My plant has a good start so I'd hate to ruin it with a burn. This is how the runoff looks. [ATTACH]n139636[/ATTACH]​​ ​​​​ Click image for larger version

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    I don't have any way to collect all of my runoff but I do make feeding teas from my living soil and it seems like pretty much the same thing. As long as it PH's out within limits I can think of no reason it would be harmful. That being said, I do dilute my teas to keep the PPM down.


      You shouldn't water supersoil or living soil to runoff you're washing out the living critters, fungus, bacteria, poop, etc your soil will never get to it's full potential. Runoff is for when you feed salts to avoid buildup of salt it will cause your ph to drop and lockout the nutrients
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        MeEasy is right. I use Living Soil and I try to not get any runoff, but it’s pretty difficult. So, I have a clean drip pan collect any runoff that does come out, and I put it right back into the soil when I’m done watering. It usually doesn’t come back out because there isn’t much.


          Thanks guys


            I know you're not supposed to but I let my fabric pots soak the water back up so I don't waste the nutrients in my soil. I still let it dry out between watering but I don't usually have any issues from it. For me it just ensures that the whole pot is watered because the runoff is usually soaked up within hours.

            I do a lot of things I shouldn't do to my plants (like my air conditioner blowing straight on my plants pretty hard, or lights way closer than they should be for example), but they don't seem to mind. Just thought I'd throw that in there before you try it, if you decide to. It's weird but it seems like I do a lot wrong but still end up with amazing weed. Actually had a co-worker tell me today that she misses my weed 😂


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              I feed from the bottom, with no problems, "IF" the water stands for more than two days I dump it. It works out well, and no fungus gnats!

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