A neighbor was down and issued me a little challenge, "I'll supply the soil for one, you supply 2 matching seed and soil for the other, only adding water and see which does better"!
"Grow inside or outside, both the same". He left me with a 1.5 CF bag of "Earth Keeper complete", just add water (better put a seed in there too, LOL).
Monday I'll go into town and get 2 15 gallon fabric pots to do this with. But for seed, I think I'll not cheap out and get some feminized auto seed, as short a time as I can get, maybe sour 60 or similar. Even a CBD strain would be fine, short is the best for not adding anything but water.
Now where I usually buy, they are sold out, any recommendations for a short 56 day (is there a shorter time?) from sprout to harvest seed? (prefer to stay inside the USA)
Sounds like a fun challenge! Would you do it?