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    LST Training

    Hey so this is my first grow and all the lst training guides I've seen look nothing like my plant, they're all tall and mine are short but bushy and I'm just not sure how to go about using LST techniques on these, I know that you want to make all the branches kind of level however at the top it seems hard to do that as they're not very maluable, hopefully you could suggest some ideas or tutorials on lst training for plants like this it would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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    Current Grow: 1X Mimosa Evo - 1X BCN Critical XXL
    Medium: Atami Coco substrate with 30% perlite mixed in 1 gallon fabric pots until 3 gallon transfer

    Space​​: 3 foot X 3 foot X 6 foot lined in pandafilm

    Lighting: Mars Hydro TSW2000 at 20 inches away using dimmer to control light output

    Nutrients: Shogun A+B, Vitamax Calmag, Shogun pK 9/18, pH up & down

    Average Room Temp: 22°C night - 25°C day --- 71.6°F night - 77°C day.

    Average RH: 50% - 80% in seedling stage, 50% - 70% in vegative stage, 30% - 50% in Flower

    Methods Used: TBD

    You are a little bit too late. I start LST when they have the 3rd node.
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      You definitely need to lay them colas down. Just be gentle since she’s bigger the may need some slight supercropping but they should’nt be woody yet


        You don't need to lay everything over at a 90°angle all at once. Over time gradually adjust until you get to your end point.
        On your next grow, break apical dominance early and go from there. I find my plant nodes and stem are more pliable
        (metals are malleable) and less turgid just before a water cycle.


          quirk has the right idea.
          I've found that using a foam-covered wire soft tie to tether the branches allows you to develop a broader, more squat canopy.
          On indoor grows, that's the most efficient use of your lamp's footprint.
          5x5 grow space
          900w of Vero's and F-strips
          4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


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            gbauto, do you have a pic of a plant that has just been laid over so I can get a visual?
            I started to try it but it is my first grow and I decided to just get the plants from seed to smoke first!
            Do you plant to one side or just slowly bend that lowest branch the opposite direction?

          • gbauto
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            Nirvana has a good tutorial on this,

          I agree with the above. Next time you should start earlier while they're still bendy. It's still possible but you have to be a little more careful so you don't split any stems at the base or snap them in half. Here's a few of my ladies for some examples of just being tied down and after a couple weeks of growth. The after pictures were also right after a heavy defoliation. I always learn something new every grow so they just keep getting better and better.
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