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What causes twisting/spiraling leaves?

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    What causes twisting/spiraling leaves?

    What causes this spiraling to the leaves? 10 days into flower.
    I searched GWE but the photo dealt with curling like a claw hand. This is a upwards twist or flame spiral.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    1st Grow (started 01 Oct 2020) (flip to 12/12 01 Jan 2021)
    5x5x8 Gorilla Grow Tent • Spider Farmer SF4000 • AC Infinity 8” TS Fan/Carbon Filter
    Black Gold organic potting soil • Nature’s Living Soil • Compost Tea
    Pennywise (Harlequin/Jack the Ripper) 1:1 ratio, Indica dominant, medium size plant

    This is something that is common when a plant begins the flowering stage and I doubt that it is anything to be concerned about. The plants look healthy and vibrant so I would just keep a close eye on them and not stress. Looks like you're doing everything right so far so don't start overthinking things. Nice job!


      Some strains have a slight sensitivity to heat and will do that more than others, at least in my experience I believe that's what it is. Everything else looks good though and it's really nothing to worry about unless it gets worse, like really bad. Do you know what your temperature is? Maybe try a slight breeze under the light to blow it away from the canopy if you can. Seems to help a little with mine. Hope that helps, happy growing!


      • MrPNW
        MrPNW commented
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        I did increase the dimmer from 70% to 100% and lowered it when starting the flower 10 days ago. Next time I will gradually up the light intensity.
        I moved the light up a little yesterday. The switch to 12/12, lowering it and dimmer level have been all I’ve change so that must be it.

      • dphipps1020
        dphipps1020 commented
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        Any time. Yeah it's probably just the little extra heat. Doesn't look like a major issue though.

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