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The seedbank is now a SCAM

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    HELP! The seedbank is now a SCAM

    I got scammed by an apparently reliable company who sells cannabis seeds. It turned out to be a scam only recently that's why it is VERY dangerous! The insurance company of the bank that issued my credit card is currently investigating the issue. At the bank they are quite sure there is something suspicious since the money went directly to a chinese account and that is very unusual for a company from Barcelona-Spain. This "company" uses the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for "delays" that already mention on their website so you think that waiting for months is something normal. You place the order, you pay, they give you a tracking number and you never receive the seeds. There is also a fake delivery insurance that persuades experience users like me to purchase anyway after reading negative feedback along with positive feedback since the company has not always been a scam! With that being said they also have a customer support center that tries to keep you calm and answers your queries so you don't submit negative feedback immediately. They also made laugh of me with a very clever way after studying my reviews on trustpilot. Since I posted another review in italian language they posted a fake review from the country I ordered (probably using vpn) using the nickname Furiozo which means "angry" in italian! PLEASE DON'T GO THERE! This is my review on trustpilot along with the tracking number:

    Sorry to hear that man. I know they have been having some delays but people usually have been finding a few extra goodies in the package when it finally does arrive. Many of these companies use other business names and banks in other countries to conduct transactions. This is due to the grey area that seed sales exist in. I really hope that with patience, they come through for you.


      took over 30days for my order in the spring and thats after I got their its on its way email. was very unhappy as to how they handled it. freebies wish I got some. they more like oh well. Ill be going elsewhere when I need to order again. hope they arive
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        I've paid them through Chinese and Italian based banks mostly but other countries as well, it doesn't matter how shady it seems, the seeds always arrive. There are lots of growers in Italy, It's well known that their shipping times aren't the fastest and oftentimes delays do happen. It's not a scam and I don't believe you were ripped off.


          I have never done business with Seedsman but I have only heard good things about them. You do not say how long this has been going on for you. I last purchased seeds from Herbies. They took quite a long time to deliver but the pandemic was also new then. The product did eventually arrive as promised and I am quite satisfied. I doubt this is a scam but they are operating on their schedule not yours. Next time, try splitting your order between companies.
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            I had a similar experience, I tried several cards to pay for my order, but most wouldn’t work (I live in a legal country, so I assumed I wouldn’t need the Bitcoin option)

            I reached out to them and asked how I could go through payment, and they replied with “if credit card doesn’t work, then you can use bitcoin (which I had to accumulate over a month to have enough) or send cash”, neither I’m comfortable with.

            I tried again with another card, and when it did go through, the next day I found my bank stopped the transaction and I had to cancel my card and replace it. Apparently my bank has them labeled as a scam.
            long story short, I spent several days trying to pay them and ended up having to deal with the bank etc. It was a nightmare.

            sidenote: after that, I tried another site that was very reputable. I payed in 2 minutes, next day it sent, and they had my seeds to me in 2 weeks. No stress, no hassle. Freebies and even some pamphlets. I’ve stayed with them ever since and never had issues.

            What I Learned:
            always research the good/bad before shopping, even if many say it’s great, and try a small/cheap order first incase it isn’t legit, then the lose isn’t so painful.

            plenty of other reputable companies to go through, why risk if it seems 50% legit and 50% scam? Not worth it for the freebies they offer when it’s 50% good.


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              They’ve worked flawlessly for me everytime, even phone called them a few times regarding orders and had incredible customer service, but then again.. I’m Canadian and it’s an in-country Company, so no borders or hassles etc. I think what it comes down to, is it’s just best to order from the same country you reside in.

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              Drekthar you mentioned you’ve used “white widow”, how were they to go through? They have a strain I’ve been searching for, but wanted to ask how they were before trying a purchase.

            • DeadlyFruit
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              Agree with GreenAlchemist - TNSB has never missed a delivery to me (seeds for about the last 6 grows) and the last order arrived in about a week (I think the longest was 3 or 4 weeks right at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was slow). Any time I check out complaints they are almost always American orders (and often they mention customs which the seed bank has no control over). I’m Canadian and based on the post marks I could drive to the area the seed bank is located in under an hour so that may explain it. I’ve never had to use their customer service, never paid for the insurance option and I am sure they chase the almighty dollar, but most companies do. I was actually thinking of trying seedsman recently, for my fall grow, but that was only because TNSB lately seems sold out of many new strains from big seed producers that I’ve wanted to try.

            I've bought from all of these places. I always send cash in the mail, never been ripped off. They are all in the USA .










              Sorry to hear about your experience.
              I've purchased seeds from seedsman 4 times this year. Never had an issue using my card to pay, always went through. Yes, it takes way longer than it should to get the package but mine have always come (with a bunch of freebies seeds). The last time I ordered my package came in 22 days from ordering. Ive always paid for the extra insurance and discreet packaging. They put them in a box wrapped in birthday wrapping paper.
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                Sounds like their website was spoofed. I'm a fan of Greybeards. Deliver in about 4-7 days, US based, free seeds in every order. No bullshit.
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                  I don't think you got ripped off. My orders seemed stuck for a little while too, but they came eventually. Just be patient, I'm sure they'll be on the way soon.


                    I have had 3 successful orders received from Seedsman and one bad batch of seeds that they replaced with no hassle except for the time it took to receive things from Spain to Canada.
                    I would be surprised to see them suddenly reverse that and destroy their good name.
                    yago77 I suggest working with them to resolve it and am fairly certain they will correct any problems caused by them.


                      My order was only held up bc of the USPS, went from Chicago to Indy to St Louis to me, in Illinois. USPS is messed up ATM, COVID, DeLay, etc. My Mastercard checked before the order went through but all is here. Came in a Xmas-wrapped 'card case'.
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                        I tried to order from them but when I tried to pay I got a message saying they aren’t accepting new customers. So F seedsman, order from ILGM. Better genetics anyways


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                          I live in a non 420 friendly state and wasn't sure how that works. Thanks!

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                          I’m with ya! I thought about ordering seeds for years to get better genetics than bag seed but I was afraid to do it. Once I finally did I ordered a few autos no problem. Then I placed a big order last year at 420 and I’ll never need to order seeds again. They always have sales on different strains, usually every US holiday but their 420 sale was on every strain last year.

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                          Awesome man, good to know! Thank you.

                        Never an issue with Coffee Shop Seeds and they are in the UK and also I pay them using PayPal.

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                          It's not Seedsman. It's the banking industry. The seed companies are prevented from using conventional banking instruments because of US and International laws. As a result they have to pay a shell game creating companies that ca get by banking screens. Apparently, when banks discover these entities, then transactions are denied. When my transactions have been denied, my card gets frozen and I have to spend time clearing the transaction. Usually a seed order can take me an afternoon with the bank and card protection services.
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