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The seedbank is now a SCAM

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    It looks like you placed an order then got impatient and cancelled it and now are impatient in waiting for your refund. You were never ripped off you are just an impatient mfer who isn't willing to let things ride long enough to get worked out. Don't know much about mail order? it was pretty common not that many years ago that mail orders took weeks to arrive from just a few states away and you're ordering during the busiest shipping time of the year from the other side of the planet during a fucking worldwide pandemic. You paid for the guaranteed delivery but didn't even wait to find out what happened with the first delivery. Now they have to have their semi-legal products shipped back to the UK on their dime, risking confiscation AGAIN after what now amounts to them shipping it to you on their dime already and try to fix this mess that YOU created while trying to keep YOU happy so that you don't fly off the handle and do some stupid shit like this.

    It's people like you that keep me afraid to think about starting a legit seed business. 1 slow delivery or lost package to the wrong person and you're labeled as a scammer with your name dragged through the mud for most of your potential customers to see. If it weren't for Seedsman being so big, this 1 person could have made a significant impact in their reputation and bottom line for some time to come.

    I'm not even a big Seedsman fan, to me they are the walmart of the seed world and I'm doing less and less business with them but that has nothing to do with their service and much more to do with me wanting to do business in my home country and help out smaller breeders and seedbanks. I have made many orders to Seedsman totalling thousands of dollars and many of my friends have as well and none of us have ever been scammed or even felt like we were being scammed as we all understood after the first order that it might take a month or so to get the seeds but they came through every single time and on the first delivery attempt just like every other seedbank I have dealt with. None of them are out to rip you off, they want to grow and it takes a stellar reputation to do so. All it takes is a few assholes to really do a number on someone's reputation these days.

    You have cost them some sales already I am sure and will continue to do so when people who don't think and do research for themselves see your post and write off Seedsman as a potential place to buy from and that's not ok.


    • yago77
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      It's weird that only this stuff gets "lost"

    Thank you FunkyButtLovin before i logged on here i was reading about the issues Europe is having with all the covid slow downs with logistics. This little impatient person i'm sure will always have issues with online purchases. He freaked out got scared putting info in the system he's a coward. This is how new wave of slandering works. No fact checks, just slander.
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    indoor/outdoor grower
    1 4x4x8 tent -veg.& flower - 2 viparspectraR450 =400watts from the wall it's what matters to me not the best old tech but it works for our needs.
    1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 1 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
    I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
    Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
    Currently using fish/guano during veg growth (outdoor only)
    FF Grow Big 6-4-4
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    • JohnEmad
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      Well said FBL , Budgal. and may the impatient ones who quickly slander have many happy returns.

    • yago77
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      You might want to consider the "tracking number" CN444944234ES before offending. Place an order yourself let's see what happens

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