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    Back in mid April I gave three different friends a bunch seedlings because they wanted to try their hand at cultivation. Nice healthy plants in solo cups and probably 10-12 inches tall. One person transplanted in the ground and the other two went the patio container route. I set them up with soil, nutrients, traveled to their homes on many occasions helping with training, trimming, and troubleshooting. There's been endless phone calls, texts, and photos sent. All of them grew great plants (Especially the ones in the ground. Just monsters.) Anyway, lately there's been a lot of anxiety among them over when to harvest. I went out to each person's house with my microscope, showed them, and explained to them about the trichomes, and basically told them all the same thing. Not Ready Yet. Told each of them I'd stop by in a couple weeks and we'd check again. Checked in with each of them today and all three had already cut them down. How can these folks painstakingly take diligent care of their grow for 6 months and then not be able to wait another week or two? I feel like I had the rug pulled out from under me. They're all very happy with their results so I guess that's what matters. Just needed to vent a little.

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