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Soil, root, or predatory aphids

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    Soil, root, or predatory aphids

    Friend grower found little white bugs on his soil. He's pretty excited, me too, that they might be predatory aphids - Hypoaspis miles - aka Stratiolaelaps scimitus.

    As I look at images of soil and root aphids, they can look pretty damn well the same. I don't see any signs of damage to the plant and they are growing, vigorously. There is no funky smell that can come from some infested soils from bug farts and rot. None of his other plants have it. Environmental conditions are usually 80°, or more, and 70% humidity. Fox Farm soil. LED's. Tap water.

    Unless something happens to the plants or we see a bunch of these aphids fighting for soil dominance, how's a body to tell which is which? No pictures. Friend grower isn't home for a photoshoot.

    Pineapple Kush Fem - Solo - 09/19
    Towel BS and Big Bud regular - Solo - 10/10
    HLG 360 Elite
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
    Fox Farm nutes
    FF Grow Big foliar spray
    Root Excelurator Gold

    Bug ID is so hard, because as you said, they all look so similar. Even more so if you don't have good magnification. With Fox Farm I've gotten some good and some bad bugs. If your friend opens that bag of soil and inspects a little, does he see the same bugs in the bag?

    Root aphids really aren't going to show their effects until it is too late. At first it will look like nutrient deficiencies, which you'll try to correct but nothing works. Then you realize its a root zone issue because the plants aren't properly absorbing nutrients.... which can lead to a variety of side issues but above all, stunted growth with not much hope of a better future. You can definitely finish it out, but sterilize and throw all of that soil far far away.


      Root aphids always have two tailpipes coming out the butt. They also have large antenas. the tailpipes are easily visible.


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