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    Ready or nah?

    first time grower here, and certainly impatient so i want a second opinion at least before i go and decide to cut anything down

    im aiming for a more euphoric high rather than a more stoned couch lock high, which if i understand correctly means i want mostly cloudy trichromes. these look cloudy to me but being a noob id rather get that second opinion before potentially ruining months worth of work

    thanks in advance everyone!

    Ah man that is a lovely girl. Very nice work. In photos it can be difficult to tell but based on what I see here you need to hold your breath just a bit longer. I know I can see some milky ones but for the most part you are still sporting a good number of clears. As a rule of thumb when I want to harvest milky trichome plants I will wait till I see a just a sprinkling of amber in there. Changes don't come like a boom but more like a gradual transition and it's never equal across the entire plant. The changes will usually come from the top down. You have invested a lot of time and work into what you have achieved here and if you have your heart set on a cerebral high hold off just a bit longer. Those calyxes are going to continue to swell and for sure a little more patience is going to pay huge dividends. Again, great job.


    • Matriumcauthon
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      shes certainly the champ out of this lot of seeds =D cant wait to see how she tastes. thanks i was wondering about if it would be best to just wait until the first hints of amber, and with your confirmation here i think thats what ill do to make sure i dont go and jump the gun

    Im gonna say 3+weeks..maybe more. Put down the clippers and walk First pic looks to be sugar leaves, the trichomes usually always show earlier than on the buds. Second and third pics, Lots of white pistils still showing, and the rusty ones will eventually shrivel up and tighten to the bud. Dont worry, couch lock is a long ways away. Looks patient..
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    • Matriumcauthon
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      i bloody well hope not lol shes already 3+ weeks past the breeders "flowering time" estimate lol oh well itll take as long as it takes, thanks

    Keep checking those trichomes for cloudy 10days my guess.
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      You're getting real close like me. The end of flowering seems to go on fooooreeever


      • Matriumcauthon
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        right? this grow already seems to be dragging on, thought id be harvesting at or around 9 weeks from when i flipped it to 12/12... 13 weeks after the switch and well here i am lol

      thanks yall i appreciate the advice last thing i want to do is ruin a crop after all the time and money ive invested into this first go round.


      • SoOrbudgal
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        Hey enjoy your harvest and a happy day is when you can grow some damn fine smoke all by yourself and give a middle finger to the dispensary

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