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  • Canuck147
    commented on 's reply
    Once they get growing one can snip off leaves daily - so I guess I don't defoliate heavily - just constantly.

  • NickyChicks
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks Canuck147, I was planning on topping and training for sure. Do you defoliate? If so do you defoliate at a certain time , heavy or light? I've seen some grow logs of growers who get massive yields from autos with LST and heavy defoliation and they start that when the plants are pretty young.

  • Canuck147
    Looks great NickyChicks - I only grow autoflowers - as does D.A.A.S.69 - I'll tag him so he can help too - he has more experience.

    If you are going to top and/or train - get your game cap on now and decide what and how you are planning on what to do. I top off the sixth node and the first nodes set of branches as they don't contribute much to the yield. Start training same time as topping.

    Then pay attention to them and see how long they take to get back to growing - some strains don't miss a beat while others pout for days before restarting.

    That's all for now - good luck with your grow.

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  • NickyChicks
    started a topic Full Auto - Second Grow

    Full Auto - Second Grow

    Germination has begun for my second grow and this time I am growing all auto-flowering strains. The seeds I'm popping are....
    Blow Dream (auto blue dream) from Victory Seeds
    Glueberry O.G. from Dutch Passion
    Strawberry Cheesecake from Seedsman
    Northern Lights from Seedsman
    (2) Blue Cookies from Garden of Green.
    I'm germinating 2 Blue Cookies because one of them will not be going in the tent with the others but into my DWC LED Strip PC Case grow. I will make a separate post for that at some point this week.
    Nutrients will be GH Trio, Rapid Start, FloraliciousPlus, LKB, Armor Si, CaliMagic and pH down, Botanicare Sweet and Hydroguard.
    T8s to start, hoping and praying that my LED strips and heatsinks ship early this week to me so I can finish my new LED strip fixtures. I'm building 2 4x2 8 strip fixtures that should total close to 600w. From what I've read, autos love light so I plan to run the lights 24/0.
    Each plant will be grown in a 5gal top fed DWC bucket. I have individual pumps for the top feed which will be run for 15 every hour.

    Seeds went into the germination station last night and the Blow Dream has popped open already, let's hope the rest follow suit shortly.

    ​​​​​​Let me know what you think or if you have some advice for a first time auto grower I would love to hear it. Thanks everyone, happy growing.

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