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    Can you reuse the runoff from soil to rewater. Thanks

    Why would you want too. Why not just give them fresh water?
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      Originally posted by kingfish View Post
      Why would you want too. Why not just give them fresh water?
      True. Unless you don't have access to fresh water, I wouldn't reuse it. To difficult to manage nute levels if you don't know what you're giving the plant.
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        I'm going to say yes, to a point. I've recently collected rainwater and am giving it to a plant in a red, 18 ounce cup. Rain is so rare around here that I collected a little over two and a half gallons. Two are in my freezer. The plant cup sits in a similar color and sized cup. I catch the runoff and pour it back over the plant. I'll do that a time or two until the soil is nice and soaked. Any leftover goes in my bigger plants. Same-same with the bigger plants except with nutes. They are on an elevated platform. Runoff is caught in a cup and poured back into the pot a few times. Whatever else goes to houseplants.
        Mine is not a typical situation because I move my plants between sunlight and tent and are elevated in the sun. I'm only saying there's a use for immediate runoff if you can get it. It's also a good argument for having 'limited' access to fresh water, as I am.
        Welcome tkrullers. Any pictures? What's your setup?
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        2'x3'x4-1/2' tent for somethings else
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        FF Grow Big foliar spray
        Root Excelurator Gold
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        Perlite 40%
        Diatomaceous earth
        Venus flytrap


        • tkrullers
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          Thanks for the positive post. I wanted to make sure i wasn't throwing a good thing away

        Welcome to the Forum tkrullers
        Run off water has toxins that your plant has discarded.
        I wouldnt.​​​​​​​


        • Gingerbeard
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          Mr.furley are you talking about what I do or saving runoff? You didn't make fun of me so maybe not?

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          Negative Ghost Rider I am directing my comment
          To the thread host, I really hope you don't think I make fun of you as it is not my intentions, and you are one of my favs.
          You have a unique Pizzazz about you I find very enlightening every since the first snake oil comment.

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          Forgive me. I'm sensitive... sniff...

        About runoff water if you ever have left it standing for a few days you'll notice little larva under microscope and slight film ontop of the runoff catchment. I suck it up with a turkey baster the one with a bulb. Squeeze it into a cup toss it out.
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