So I’ve been thinking about starting up the ole lab again.. but darn it if I didn’t forget the old batch of seeds in the lab while it was out of commission and I’m sure it got pretty toasty in there while the cooling system was off..
so I went on the interwebs to track down me a new batch and to see if anything new would tickle me fancy..
well sure enough a few sites did..
gyo (pricy,unknown, redirects to homegrown)
msnl (pricey,)
Seedsman (just right)
are my top contenders after some research I chose Seedsman for their reviews competitive pricing and of course the freebies
chose to pay by bitcoin to get the extra freebies
and I noticed something.. the total price of my order added up to about 60$ give or take.. that’s including shipping and security package..
And the 15% discount for using bitcoin..
but when I went to pay.. the amount I had to send was well over 80$ worth of bitcoin..
to the questions
1.) has anyone else noticed this?
2.) is there some explanation for this(I can’t actually figure out how to contact anyone)
3.) I feel like I’m being played does anyone have another option as to where I should buy from.. or just advice in general