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    So I’ve been thinking about starting up the ole lab again.. but darn it if I didn’t forget the old batch of seeds in the lab while it was out of commission and I’m sure it got pretty toasty in there while the cooling system was off..
    so I went on the interwebs to track down me a new batch and to see if anything new would tickle me fancy..
    well sure enough a few sites did..
    gyo (pricy,unknown, redirects to homegrown)
    msnl (pricey,)
    Seedsman (just right)
    are my top contenders after some research I chose Seedsman for their reviews competitive pricing and of course the freebies
    chose to pay by bitcoin to get the extra freebies
    and I noticed something.. the total price of my order added up to about 60$ give or take.. that’s including shipping and security package..
    And the 15% discount for using bitcoin..
    but when I went to pay.. the amount I had to send was well over 80$ worth of bitcoin..
    to the questions
    1.) has anyone else noticed this?
    2.) is there some explanation for this(I can’t actually figure out how to contact anyone)
    3.) I feel like I’m being played does anyone have another option as to where I should buy from.. or just advice in general

    No but im in same boat i orderedsome from small canadian seed company and it said 51.92 i then confirmed purchase and extra 9 come out i know its not much but i couldnt understand why contacted back waiting for reply il touch bk with this post for verdict on my outcome


      It does not sound right to me. I would wait until the seeds arrive to see what you got and contact Seedsman. Could it have anything to do with bitcoin being volatile?
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        I couldn’t actually place the order due to me buying only enough bitcoin for it to cover the original quote when I noticed how much more it was.. I exited the site if one thing seems fishy then their is usually more..


        • Drekthar
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          I've had trouble purchasing from Seedsman each time but have managed to get seeds a couple of times. Using my M/C which makes it difficult. My card got cancelled last time. I am going to start cloning hell with buying seeds until there is a good option in Canada to buy.

        Yea im abit concerned now also i havnt heard back from the small canadian seed company i went threw it is a small company with about 10 different strains i hope its not a scam i have never purchased anything online before and im not that clued up with technology as it is hope i havnt made a stupid mistake first time buy online let alone seeds aswell ahaha 60 isnt a big loss but im not a rich man neither ahaha il keep posted to see what outcome they give me when they answer if they answer


          And also when i comfirmed purchase it said $51.97nz doller my countrys doller i then comfirmed purchase and checked bank $60.92 nz came out so i had no knowledge of payment of 60.92 would come out it said 51.97 so yes very fishy and weird number i thort


            Originally posted by SmashGuitar View Post
            It does not sound right to me. I would wait until the seeds arrive to see what you got and contact Seedsman. Could it have anything to do with bitcoin being volatile?
            You have chosen my exact words. Just the other day Bitcoin had dropped to $6500. Has been moving around since the speculators have been taking profits, and then others buying in when the price drops. I have a Coinbase account, but have not funded it since the last run up. When i set up the account Bitcoin had just attained $900 some years ago. I will not buy such an unknown quantity.


              Thanks for feedback bro good to know


                Have you tried Nirvana seeds? I've ordered from them half a dozen times or so and haven't had any problems.
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                  Thanks mate il look at there site now just wondering on if you knew would there shipping to nz be a problem cheers mate il check site now


                  • uncledoug
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                    Corogold, We ship worldwide to nearly every country in the world. Unfortunately, shipping to Australia, Argentina & Japan is currently not possible. All our seeds are free of shipping costs.

                    I copied this from Nirvana's site. They have very good prices also.

                  And also uncle doug if you have a time to have a look and see if you can help with any questions on my post how to know when 2wks left till harvest thanks mate and cheers for feedback


                    Originally posted by uncledoug View Post
                    Have you tried Nirvana seeds? I've ordered from them half a dozen times or so and haven't had any problems.
                    On my last order with Nirvana I was actually charged less than the originally stated charge. There is also the variability of the exchange rate. I use my Capital One credit card as there is no foreign transaction fee. I do love those Amsterdam genetics. Not to mention only eight business days until delivery.
                    Click image for larger version

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                      Awesome thanks bro


                      • uncledoug
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                        Your Welcome


                      Do Seed Banks Pamper new customers More so than loyal customers?

                      I've went through similar problems many times. I hate jumping through their Hoops or trying to.**** Bitcoin. Have the money, a good card, it just doesn't go through until you jump through a few hoops. Feeling grateful afterwards for Finaly processing Your order, so you think. A week or so later when you check tracking and find it hasn't been shipped. Sorry sir, Afterwards if you're lucky you'll get them in about 8 days like you should have from the beginning.

                      When you place smaller orders you get less attention. Although I decided it was better to make smaller orders, Dollar-for-dollar calculating shipping,this & that. Worst case you out a few bucks. I messed up last year when I got use to orders coming on time, As they should. I waited till the last minute knowing I would Get my seeds In a week to 10 days.lost 150 bucks, empty package from customs. We're sorry but will give you all these Kush points to soothe The sting. After a lot of Calculating and decoding find out for only Another hundred or so you get might get a $20 credit mabey. I'm out a hundred fifty bucks I'll be damned if I'm going to send you another penny seedsupreme.

                      Now I found a new Seed Bank, been real pleased with great prices, here in 7 to 10 days. Until the last time after finally getting through telling them tracking said they were still overseas.When Tracking showed they were shipped, I made another order that actually got here before the previous order. Okay shift happens, Just have made a new order patiently. after a week contacted them about the status{3 times} seemed Like it hadn't been shipped. Hadn't been, I have them now 8 Days Later. Feel GreatFull, though I shouldn't,Shoulda been here eight days after I ordered when the money taken out of my account.

                      First buy—-Great price for extraordinary plants.

                      Reeled in a little. Treated like family.

                      Awesome Offers ,Great discounts for playing their games.

                      [Good reviews of their products …]

                      Followed up with Poor’r customer service, Mediocre plants, Slower response time And delivery of your orders, lower priority.

                      I thought my buddy Ray was just paranoid a couple or so years ago when He described this scenario. He actually started buying seeds as a guest, Not Taken advantage of his loyalty points .....
                      “better quality seeds and plants” Ray said.

                      I thought He was just Paranoid, Smoking a bit too much.

                      Yet he planted that seed in my head.

                      He has been grow’ing A1 Primo weed at least 20 years or so I know for a fact. Though he almost died tilling inside his new garage to plant directly in the ground. Open the damn door Man, When using gas powered machinery with toxic fumes. Like I said he grow’s some good s***! Happy growing! I might have smoked one too many, For the night.
                      “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2).


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                        LOL that's a real good story, sorry for laughing but man getting fumed could be a real headache. Now what you said I think is true bait and switch with some seed banks. Looking at seedsman today takes 1hr or more to fill a basket takes 4wks or more to fill and order? Last order tiny seeds (still got em) don't trust the look of them really. They will go outdoors next summer.

                      Ahaha cheers mate seems this is quite common amoungst all of us then i thort id try a small canadian retailer i liked how they were talking and understand being a small retailing company compared to the big fish i like supporting the underdogs seem as you get that small town rural area feeling i hope it goes well for me i kinda counting on it specailly cause ive paid and paid more than i confirmed ahaha


                      • SoOrbudgal
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                        There ya go man.

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