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    No tests on long term storage results yet. But Just had to say that the aroma of the buds cured in the grove bags is by far the best and strongest smelling buds I've ever smelled. The taste of the buds far surpass the control buds I cured in jars and burped as I always have in the past. The time savings is awesome. . I'll never go back to jars again.

    Although I'm not posting much atm due to being so busy I had to give the initial results. I'll post the lab tests as we get them.
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      Just got some oz size bags to try out. Dumped out all my mason jars into them to finish curing. The smell in the bag I'm smoking from has already intensified in smell just in one day. I'll be using the bigger bags on the next harvest since it's all the same strain and I feel like I'll get way more this time. Week 4 in flower so I still have almost 2 months I think. Trying to get my plants a little bigger with each cycle. So far it's working out perfectly but I may end up adding a third 4x4' tent for veg. Still not sure yet but I want to be able to at least fill a quarter pound bag (or 2) with just one plant. I was actually thinking some of these smaller gram or eighth size bags would be great for storing seeds. What do you guys think? It would be impractical to buy a case of 1000 for smaller grows, but I think it would be worth it if they had a smaller package. Ziploc bags have worked fine so far for me but I would imagine you could save seeds almost forever with these so you can have your favorite strains 20 or 30 years from now. Just a thought as I wake and bake.
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      • Farmall
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        I could do 150 to 200 of the 1 oz bags but I wouldn’t want to cut into your needs Spidermite

      • Spidermite
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        I will have alot next week. Hit me up. No issue

      • dphipps1020
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        I just got a 25 pack of the oz size so I'm good for right now. My harvests haven't been very big so I don't need too many. I still have 10 of the quarter pound bags too. Eventually I will need a lot more bags but I have a while on that still.

      Ok I have a list started of those who need bags. I think I have everyone written down and how many they want.
      You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


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