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    Managed to wiggle and jiggle and twist the girls out of the tent for a check-up. That's a lot of fun... Cookies and cream is showing off some nice bud development and retaining a decent size and structure. Gelato on the other hand is all over the place. Extremely LARGE for my 6 foot tent. The tall stems that were bent over have exploded with buds. Shes still stretching 5 weeks after flip!. Think im gonna be using every yoyo i have on this one.
    Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice hut
    Fusion Board LED Panel 480w
    6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
    Canna Coco/perlite
    General Hydroponics Flora Series

    Auto plants Strawberry Pie Auto(fast bud) Night Queen Auto(dutch passion) Chem Dog Auto(ethos) Unknown mix Auto(butterbean seeds)
    Photo plants Blue Cheese(butterbean seeds) Green Crack(Canuk seeds)
    Purple Gelatto(Canuk seeds)


      Happy Thursday. Had to clip 2 buds off of tattoine cuz of the white fuzzy stuff. Temps and humidity are brutal right now. We still kicking though. Sugar cane 1, 2, and 3 are killing it. Ghost train haze is beautiful but will be ripping outdoors soon. She's gotta ways to go. I'm thinking 3 more weeks for the rest..... hopefully.
      keeping it green with the soil thing
      love me some frosty autos
      Mephisto run. yeah i know spellcheck
      the fruit basket
      blue strawberries in a four assed galaxy


      • changeofpace2014
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        2Fast you always have a nice grow going....

      Can anyone tell me how she’s doing? OG Kush, auto femm, 10 gallon fabric pot, happy frog soil, advanced nutrients, 2x2x5 grow tent, SF1000 led. The light is about 15” above. 18/6 lights. 1000ml of pH’d water, watering every other day. Some of the newer leaves are curling on the edges.


      • 9fingerleafs
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        The curling "taco leaves" are not really an issue. Most of the time it's just genetic. To me it looks like it's starting to lack magnesium. Still early but being soil you gotta do something before it gets out of hand. Are you using calmag? I would raise the dose a bit. Could use the extra nitrogen too.

      I do not have any cal mag. I can add some nitrogen. Currently adding Bloom from Advanced Nutrients.


      • Bluey
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        Use Epsom Salts for your Mag additive, about a tablespoon per gallon should be plenty. You're addressing the slight loss of pigment (the little yellow stripes you can see on some leaves) with that. What are your temps and RH? Do you have a light breeze moving through the plant?

      • 9fingerleafs
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        Great idea. Epsom salt is super cheap and easy to find. Just make sure it's not perfumed or with added chemicals. I think you should be adding more of the grow formula instead of bloom. The leaves could be darker green and it's going to stretch so it's going to need the nitrogen

      • Bluey
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        I just checked my notes.
        A tablespoon per gallon may be too much at this stage.
        Try a teaspoons/gallon for starters and you can always up it a little as the grow advances.

      Yes oscillating fan, rh 50 temp 81. I’ll give the epsom salt a try!


      • Bluey
        Bluey commented
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        Try a teaspoon/gal for starters, not a tablespoon. I often fick that up.
        Temps and humidity (RH a tad low for this stage but not a problem) are good but you will need to progressively bring the temps down as flowering progresses to 70-72⁰F in late flower and you will find if you are using a dehumidifier it will be working much harder in late flower and will push temps up. I lost control of temps here in late flower because of that. 75⁰F and 42%RH and my plants were a tad stressed and not as healthy as I wanted so ended up harvesting about 2 weeks prior to ideal. I've got an AC 3 times the size for my next grow I will drop in if it happens again. I had big buds.

      Thanks everyone. I’ll try the epsom salt this morning and see how it goes.


        I also noticed some of the leaves tips are browning and curling up. What is causing this? Same as above…low magnesium and low nitrogen? I added Epsom salt this morning but no added nitrogen yet. I wanna try one thing at a time. Thoughts?


        • Bluey
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          I noticed that.

          Not sure what is causing that. I get that on my sativas also from time to time. It may be related to the slight magnesium deficiency or it may be burn from another nute that is present in excessive amounts. It might just be a trait of some sativas....

          I haven't researched it as it never seems to progress much further than what you're seeing.

        Bluey thanks! I'll keep an eye in her. We'll see if the epsom salt helps. Should I keep adding the epsom salt with each feed? I'll also add some grow nuts wot the bloom nuts.


          Tacoing signifies too much light. Reduce the intensity of your light 50% while you nurse her back to health. Tip and leaf edge browning is an imbalance causing lock out. Typically too much calcium in the soil negating CEC reactions. Epsom application is a good start but do multiple applications starting with 50% strength and ladder up 25% each feeding until you hit 100% but keep an eye on your new growth leaves for progress. Once new growth leaves look healthy reduce mag inputs. Current leaves won't improve much as they are already damaged from the imbalance. Reduce nute feed ratio to 50% and ladder up ratio as you see new growth coming in.

          This is a mulders chart showing how nutrient molecules interact with each other and how one can be either antagonistic or stimulative to others in regards to availability and uptake to the plants vascular system. Use this to correct any imbalance you may have. Keep in mind that, many times, it's not that the nutrient molecules aren't present in the media as much as they are not available to the plant because of some sort of antagonistic issues going on in CEC in soil. Hydro and other media use a different system from soil in regards to plant uptake but that's a much more involved discussion.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	mulders-chart.jpg
Views:	245
Size:	117.6 KB
ID:	604112


            Rootsruler Thanks of the info. How often should I be adding the epsom salt with watering...daily, twice/day, every other? And should I go 50% on Micro (2-0-0), Grow (1-0-4), and Bloom (1-3-4) nuts?
            Last edited by jamaicajoe; 09-08-2023, 11:19 AM.


            • SoOrbudgal
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              Wrong thread to ask for problems going on. You want to continue start another question thread. This is Time to show your Grow ya know " show off your grow" Theres other areas for problems. I just don't want this thread to go sideways with problems. And nutes not nuts.

            Totally understand.


              Showing the small victories that I would recommend you try. Here is one of two blue cheese plants. The large branches were harvested and instead of stripping off the larf and tossing it in the trim, they were put back in the tent for about 2.5 weeks. They were then harvested, hung to dry and jarred.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	20230830_154928A.jpg Views:	8 Size:	2.55 MB ID:	604131

              Here is the two plants finished and jarred. A mini harvest. One 2L jar containing 28.4g of very small but very potent mini buds. I predict I will be busy in the lab making tincture with this one.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	20230908_163034.jpg Views:	7 Size:	2.29 MB ID:	604132
              Last edited by Ckbrew; 09-08-2023, 04:39 PM.
              Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


                Originally posted by jamaicajoe View Post
                Totally understand.
                SoOrbudgal is correct. Start up a thread and we can help you get your plants back in line.


                  Well I Started my fall tent run. I needed to stay on schedule for two runs over the winter, so it’s not too far into summer for the second harvest. It gets too hot in the tent at that point.

                  The seedlings seem happy with my other herbs and Microgreens. They are under Sunblaster full spectrum LEDs.

                  One has 3 leaves instead of the usual 2. First time I’ve seen that, it will be interesting to see if it continues
                  KIS mix organic living soil from Black Sallow soils in 7gal. pots
                  Black Swallow Organic Bloom mix top dress before flower.
                  Reusing soil with Black Swallow nutrient pack between grows
                  Maybe some compost teas
                  Blumat watering system
                  Microbial Mass and other microbial boosters(Wallace)
                  3x4x6’ tent
                  Photontek 465wpro
                  6” AC Infinity outdoor air in and out, humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, oscillating fan.
                  Inkbird controllers heat/humidity​


                    BEWARE- PEVGROW

                    This seed bank stole my 'LMFAO' photo and used it for their 'persian pie'
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20230909_153806_Chrome.jpg
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Size:	259.2 KB
ID:	604266 Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20230716_144321_Chrome.jpg
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Size:	268.4 KB
ID:	604268 Click image for larger version

Name:	PhotoRoom-20230716_144454.png
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Size:	579.0 KB
ID:	604267

                    4x4 w/ Mars hydro fc-e4800
                    1x Slapz
                    1x Quikz
                    1x flo-see
                    2x 2B blunt
                    1x persian pie


                    • 90Gizmo
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                      Demand free seeds or do a dmca takedown

                    • Smallgrow
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                      Jerks !
                      Did you send them the picture HobbitGDF ?

                    • Going2fast
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                      My man flexes and someone steals his thunder. merica.

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