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3 days away when in 12/12. What's the worst that can happen?

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    3 days away when in 12/12. What's the worst that can happen?

    I'm off to Amsterdam for a few days (counting every minute!) but have to leave my one plant that is 6 weeks into her 12/12 phase without access to the grow tent. I have other ladies in there who have just started out so are on 18/6. Long story, but briefly the one on her own had a 'back from the dead' experience thanks to the miracle of cloning gel, but as a result is out of sync with her just harvested family.
    What should I do? It looks like she has a long way to go, so in the two weeks I have before I go will be no where near ready. Should I put her in with the 18/6 lot and have her revert? or leave her in the dark? It's just three days.....
    Appreciate your brains X

    I always leave my plants in 48 hrs of dark before I harvest. I don't think 1 extra day would cause any problems. I'd say that would be a better option that re vegging them. Welcome to GWE!


      I have left mine 3 days in the dark before harvest. The only bad thing is some strains would start to make those tiny little preme seeds. Wasn’t anything growable, but the beginning of a half seed if anything. It didn’t effect quality, it was just annoying to see when breaking up a nice juicy nug.
      Point is, 3 days of darkness can easily happen in nature too.
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      running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


        Leave it in dark the stage it already in would probably be sensible cause less negative affect. If it rejects and try to spoil. Cut it there.. 🙂


          I have left flowering cannabis in the dark for 4 full days with no unusual effects (dry)- it was not planned (blown circuit breaker), but is NOW an option- when I leave again!
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