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    Needing Advice

    My Amnesia is a few days over two weeks old it's an auto so I planted it into a 3 gal pot. It officially in flower just looks super short and the leaves look to big for the pot. I guess I'm asking am I worried for nothing or should something be done?

    Doesn’t look like it’s flowering yet. Leaves and plant size look fine for the 3 gal pot size. How long is the start to finish time?
    4x4 600w HID empty for summer
    3x3 400w HID with Bruce Banner and Skywalker Kush
    2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
    running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


    • Pmoe90
      Pmoe90 commented
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      It got its first pistil yesterday and the start to finish is 10 to 11 weeks. I think I'm just over thinking things. Hopefully.

    • Toker1
      Toker1 commented
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      Ah. Ok. First pistol can mean it’s maturing... but not necessarily flowering. At least that is true with photos. Maybe someone growing autos can chime in here.

    Yeah - not flowering - looks good to me. Could be a little greener - cal/mag would help that. Are you growing it au naturel? If yes, then call me crazy but as I look at the pic - I would cut off those two large fan leaves top of the pic and the bottom one. Cuz if you look underneath them, there are bud sites on each side that will shoot up with the main cola if exposed. Then as the plant progresses, there are more large fan leaves to be cut that will offer more bud sites. Only take 2 off at a time. Should get a total of eight potential branches that will all shoot up together - plus the main cola.
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    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


      The plant looks great!

      The large leaves are just showing the indica dominant strain.

      At this point of growth- I would be changing the light schedule to 20/4 which will help with the coming stretch.
      I top at the 5th node to create an even canopy.
      The plant looks a little heat stressed, so back off the light a litttle.

      Here is a quick reference thread for auto grows at it's simplest:

      It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

      KISS @ Dry/Cure:

      Staged Harvest:

      Grow Journals:

      #3, Window Sill Grow - auto:

      #4, KISS grow- Girl Scout Cookies- auto:


      • PuravidaC
        PuravidaC commented
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        WP, what did you pick up on that indicates heat stress? Just asking for my education, still learning...

      • Weed Pharma
        Weed Pharma commented
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        A very slight "taco-ing" on the back leaves, combinded with short plant.

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