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    Harvesting Early

    So I'm in the middle of my first every grow, but I forgot all about spring break when embarking on this adventure. We are going to be leaving for 8 days during spring break and I think I'm still going to be at least a week or two early when we leave. Is it possible to harvest early or should I just give up now? Really bummed I messed up my timeline.

    Spring break? I guess it wasn't a senior's moment. Can't find a sitter? I'd be reluctant to harvest too early and risk jeopardizing the results of all your efforts to date. More details about your grow might help with a salvage plan. Enjoy the break!
    Photos: Jack Herer; Afghan Kush
    3’ x 3’ x 6’ tent; 1 x 185 w + 2 x 150 w LEDs; soil; 5 gal. buckets final
    AN pH Perfect Micro/Grow/Bloom/Ancient Earth/B52/Big Bud/Bud Candy/Flawless Finish
    6” exhaust, 10” + 2 x 6” clip fans; heater; humidifier; wireless temp./RH, pH probe, pocket microscope, etc.


      Ahaha! I don't really want to advertise to anyone what's growing in the basement I may just have to cut losses, but frustrating nonetheless. Completely forgot wife planned a trip.

      I've been growing some White Widow autoflowers in coco under a LEC 315. They have been fed according to Nebula's coco chart and I'm only on week 7 due to repeating week 3 for a couple weeks waiting for the budlets to form. I'll attach a couple pictures of what they look like as of today.


        I'd do whatever I could to find a sitter that I can trust. Even if it's just to give them plain water a couple of times. They still look like they've got some time left to mature. Good luck man, it would be a shame to loose your crop


          Looks like 3 plus weeks to go if not more.
          Sweet tooth autoflower ×3 1/2 of 4.

          Regular seeds phenotype hunting.
          Bruce Banner ×5
          Fruity Rhino ×5
          Revolution ×5


            Why not set up an auto watering/feed system? Should be closer to harvest date when you return.
            4x4 600w HID (empty for the summer)
            3x3 400w HID with 4 skywalker kush (new strain for me)
            2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
            running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


              Thanks guys. We leave 3 weeks from tomorrow. Toker1 any recommendations on an auto watering system?


              • Toker1
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                I have mine on a drip line with emitters. I’m hooked up to city water on demand. This is the best method (if your city water is clean) IMO.
                How big are your plants? What size containers? I know several different ones that are more portable. Just depends on plant and container size.
                Out of all the ones I have used... a pump and reservoir with air stone and water tubing with little holes poked in them always worked well. You run the water tubes in a circle (so that it hangs over each container) and have the end opening dump water back into the reservoir. Run the pump on a timer and you are set.
                Out of all the ones I bought to use right away (little to no assembly required), this one has been the most trustworthy IMO. Only issue is that it needs to be above the plants in order for the gravity to drip water into the plants. And after long use, the drip emitters can become clogged (especially if using nutrients in the water). It keeps the coco moist... so make sure you are pest free when using this device.
                Last edited by Toker1; 03-06-2019, 05:34 PM.

              I’ve developed a watering system for when I am separated from my grow for a lengthy time, it’s also very simple, gather up some empty wine bottles,fill with PHed water
              The day you’re leaving water normally place wine bottles upside down keeping your thumb over the hole till thay stand upright (I make the holes ahead of time ) the plant will not draw on this till the pots are dry, the more wine u drink, the longer u can stay away.


              • Smokesteve
                Smokesteve commented
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                Holy smokes great idea!

              Potted Guess I better start drinking up I'm looking on Amazon now to rig up some sort of automatic system at the very least...don't want to lose what I've got so far.


              • Cloud
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                I might have to get this for summer vacation lol

              • Toker1
                Toker1 commented
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                I had 4 plants on this system for 2 weeks when I went out of the country. I also have a soil moisture meter that connects to my internet. So I can monitor my soil conditions from anywhere in the world. The convince of modern technology makes growing from a distance possible.
                Here is the link to what meter I have... I don’t think the company is in business any longer. But at least it will give you an idea.
                I have never used this one in the link below, but it looks similar to the Koubachi I have.
                Last edited by Toker1; 03-06-2019, 06:30 PM.

              • Potted
                Potted commented
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                This setup was developed by me I beleave while in the hospital for weeks recceveing really works! Not patting myself on the back, out of necessity comes the solution......The 💡 dawns on marble head. Lol
                Last edited by Potted; 03-06-2019, 09:18 PM.

              I have been reading everything I can about growing and have seen this question multiple times and the wine bottle solution has been quoted several times.
              Flower Tent: (12/12)
              600W HPS Flowering
              1 x Jack Herer 2 Auto - Potters Gold Soil
              1 x Gelato - Coco
              2 x Strawberry Banana - Coco

              Veg Room: (14/8)
              1500W LED
              1 x Jack Herer 3 Auto - Coco
              3 x Mexican Airlines Auto - Fast Buds - Coco
              1 x G13 - Seed King - Coco
              1 x Gelato (Bonsai Mom) - Clone - Coco
              1 x Bubba Cheese Auto - HBS - Coco

              Veg Tent:
              300W COBB LED

              First Grow Journal and Clone Journal

              Strawberry Banana, Gelato & Jack Herer Auto Grow Journal

              All Auto's Journal

              Gelato Bonsai Mother Project


              • Potted
                Potted commented
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                I have mentioned this method on numerous sites, and everyone that tried it luved it. Lol. (Pay it forward) sounds right to me.
                Last edited by Potted; 03-09-2019, 01:05 AM.

              Micro Auto Drip Irrigation Kit, Self Watering System, Watering Timer,Plant Watering Can, 30-Day Watering&Interval Time… This may help in a pinch attached to a 5 gal pal with lid. or on the cheep 5 gal pal gravity IV. 5 gal pale with lid 1/4 " plastic hose and valve fitting. drill 1/4 " hole 1" up from bottom of pale side and install valve, attach hose, adjust flow and done. Add a couple !/4 tees for additional drip heads. You only have to keep them damp not wet. Good Growing !!


                Thanks guys. I ordered a self watering system on Amazon and a 14 gallon drum. Now I’ve just got to figure out how often and how long I want it to water them during the 8 days gone.


                • Toker1
                  Toker1 commented
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                  2 - 3 waterings if they are in large soil containers.

                Toker1 Thanks! They are in 5 gal smart pots.


                  I had the same timing issue you are facing a couple of grows ago but mine was one week away, not two. I took mine down early but in hindsight, I should have waited until I returned to harvest. Another issue with harvesting your plants early is going to be proper drying and cure. Plants always take longer to finish than breeders advertise and having patience for plants to finish is always a challenge so consider this a forced opportunity for plants to truly finish! Good luck!
                  DIY grow space 2.5' X 3.5' X 6.5'
                  315 LEC
                  6" Vortex exhaust fan w/speed control
                  6" Carbon filter
                  3- 6" fans
                  temp and humidity gauge
                  5 gal smart pots w/ FFOF soil
                  FF trio nutrients


                  • Toker1
                    Toker1 commented
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                    I read somewhere that finish times were faster when the plant was not weighed down heavy with buds and longer if they are. I would say that theory is plausible. I would need to see more data to be 100% convinced. But worth noting none the less.

                  • guilty
                    guilty commented
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                    That's a good point. I've got a plan for watering in place. Working on the details now. Thanks!

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