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first grow - odd growth in late flowering stage

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    first grow - odd growth in late flowering stage

    Hi guys, first I want to thank all the forum members and their fantastic participation and community. GWE has helped through my first grow after I killed my first 4 seedlings within a week my first failed attempt. My ego was bruised to say the least, but now AFTER finding this awesome website and community I feel like I'm having a successful run with my babes.

    My 2 auto Moby Dick plants are 61 days old today, last Saturday I noticed, for the lack of a better word, sacs all over both my plants. They are feminized seeds living in 25-26 deg lights on and 17-18 deg lights off. Humidity is now 40-50%, but spent most of its veg life around 60-70%.

    I am growing them under a 400W HPS in a 3x3 tent, in soil, fully vented and I added 2 3" rotary fan for circulation.

    Nutrients are GH Grow and Bloom combo, with added Liquid Bud and Bio Root. PH'd @ 6.5 with 800-1200ppm depending on cycle.

    It's difficult to get a real good picture of them. I hope you can see them, the last pic was my best.

    Thank you for any comments or advice, cheers.

    In the last pic- it looks like a swollen calyx whose white pistil has darken and curled.
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      I cant see anything to worry aabout
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        Thank you, I guess I was just being overly concerned and I wanted to join the fun!


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