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My First Grow Time Lapse

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    My First Grow Time Lapse

    So for my first grow I wanted a better way to monitor wtf the plants were doing and how they were responding to my actions so I bought a cheap security cam on amazon that has time lapse functions/sd card slot (wyze cam $30) +32 gb card (7$). I'm still trying to dial in the right settings so i just have a few short videos to start.

    Might start a grow journal here, i have been keeping one on paper. But wanted to share the time lapse idea and get some feedback on how they are looking.

    This is my first grow. 3 Gelato fem(seedman gelatog) + 3 Gorilla Zkittz fem (barneys farm)
    Light: Led substrate/ 9x100wLogic Pucks(not lighting all of them or full power yet, and have them at 30" because was afraid of too much light for young plant.)
    Medium: coco loco.. coco+pealite mix
    Nutrients: Canna Coco A+B + canna rhizotonic, cannazym , Boost trio

    They are 6-10 days from germination(breaking surface) in these

    Vid 1:

    Vid 2:

    Vid 3:

    How are they looking? I know one of them has had some strange looking leaf the entire time and is going slower than others.

    Awesome videos OkieSmokey! They look real nice. Like watching National Geographic. It will be a nice little film when its harvested and edited. Good Growing!


      New vid, Still waiting on the main tent to get a longer segment but they are looking ok I think.

      This is the plant I have been concerned about the entire time, it was slow to make any leaf during germ and most of them have looked twisted/strange as they come out. I move it from led tent to under a 6500k cfl hoping that would be more 'mild' on it? It is growing still but nothing like the other ones and still looks strange.

      Vid 4 weird one:


        You might think of a video grow journal, that would be unique.


        • OkieSmokey
          OkieSmokey commented
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          My main reason was to diagnose issues with the plants, and people here always want pictures... so a video is worth 1000 pictures right? haha, I am liking the video just to watch them grow though, plant porn

        New video, this one is much better. I think they are looking ok except the weird one and one small one not going very fast?

        Time lapse 5:


        • Colombo
          Colombo commented
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          It's only getting better, lots of growth this video! I could see it now, watching a complete grow in 30 minutes, how cool is that! Good Growing!

        Brilliant ! F#^%ing brilliant. I just love that slow motion bird in flight look as the fans move up and down so gracefully. I have three of those cameras.... never read the manual especially time lapse. Guess what I’m doing next ? Love man....great videos great idea


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