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Okies First Grow- GorillaSkittles/Gelato Coco- Pics/Videos

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    Okies First Grow- GorillaSkittles/Gelato Coco- Pics/Videos

    Thought I would make a post of my grow so far. This is my first time growing so I'm sure to make some mistakes, any input is welcome.

    Room: 5x5x7 Tent-vivosun + 6" fan/Carbon filter+ Humidifier/Dehumidifier and controller+floor oscillating fan, two clip on 6" fans
    Lights: 9x 100w ChiliLed pucks on meanwell drivers. I made a detailed post about the build here:
    Medium: Foxfarms Cocoloco Coco coir mix. Peat plugs --> Solo Cups --> 7 Gal cloth pots
    Feed: Canna Coco A+B+ Canna coco Rhizotonic,Cannzym,Cannaboost trio. Botanicare Calmag+
    Strain: Barney farm fem Gorilla Skittles(3), Seedman seeds fem GelatoOG(3)

    These seeds broke ground around the first of Feb. The plants are currently a little over a month old.

    I started taking time lapse video of the grow with a cheap security camera shortly after starting. Main post about that here:

    Will try to start posting some pics of the grow so far and vids in order on this post.

    Okies First Grow Time Lapse 1:
    Okies First Grow Time Lapse 2:
    Okies First Grow Time Lapse 3:
    Okies First Grow Time Lapse 4:
    ​​​​​​Okies First Grow Time Lapse 5:
    Okies First Grow Time Lapse 6:
    Okies First Grow Time Lapse 7:
    Okies First Grow Time Lapse 8:

    Some more photos after those. I did not know weed grew so fast and let a few of them get rootbound in my solo cups on accident. pics of transplanting below.


      Here they are getting more established into the big pots and they were given names


        Pics of them getting more established, they have been topped once, the big ones got it twice and i started trying to bend over the stems to try to bush them out and make a canopy (I used Velcro gardeners tape, works great with these cloth pots I found out it sticks to the pot so its easy to adjust the tension or move it on the stem)

        I still have two weird ones/runts but both are growing, not sure what was wrong but they have struggled from the start. Both of the stragglers are the gorilla skittles seeds, the two biggest plants are gelato og seeds, I thought both strains would be similar in growth from what i read but I might have just got a bad batch of seeds or weird genetics? or maybe its something I did from the start to slow them? I'm not really sure, but will keep growing the runts anyway, I don't have anything to replace them.


          There pics were taken tonight, any thoughts on how they look or what might be wrong with the small one?
          They are 4 1/2 weeks old now. Lights are on 20/4 right now, should I go to 18/6?

          I'm also not sure how much longer I need to keep them in veg, but I have a decent sized tent and have topped them and LST to try to create more bushy canopy pants instead of tall ones. Maybe a few more weeks of veg and training?


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            OkieSmokey Nice grow you`ve got going there mate. Small lass is just taking her time I reckon but if she stays slow then I`d be inclined to spread the others` growth laterally through LST and develop wider canopies whilst giving her the time to develop further. You`ve got leeway and space there mate to do this as an option. Regarding lights there isn`t much evidence to say whether keeping lights on above 18/6 makes much difference however it does cost wise and since there`s 2 hrs above you could experiment with your next grow, make a comparison and poss save some dosh. All the best mate

          Plants look great! 2 more weeks of vegging sounds good. Really nice color.
          ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
          Mars Hydro
          Vortex in-line 6" fan


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