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couple of Seeds found in Bud from Feminised Auto Flower seed - are they viable?

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    HELP! couple of Seeds found in Bud from Feminised Auto Flower seed - are they viable?

    Hi All,
    I started growing a little over a year ago. The first few I did where in soil in pots indoors in a grow tent. and for the most part they went well.
    Problem I found with soil was that while easy to set up, it needed constant attention and so I have switched over to a hydroponic setup as recommended on this site and viola, its awesome.
    BUT, from bud grown when I was using soil, I have found just one or two seeds.
    1. Where did they come from?
    2. Would they be like the parent auto-feminised, or would they be auto-regular of the same variety?
    3. I use a daVinci vaporiser which goes up to 430F for 30 mins - no where near the conditions of a forest fire (temp and duration) - but would the seeds still be viable for cultivation?
    Thx in advice

    1) from the genes of 1 plant.
    2) auto-feminised
    3) not likely

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      I have found seeds in bud from feminized photo-periods I've grown, they grew and were female. Good luck !!


        1. Most likely the plant became a hermi and grew the seed itself. Unless you think some rouge male pollen got into your garden.
        2. No... you have not stabilized your seed, so it will not be the exact same as the parent. Most likely will be auto from the sound of the situation.
        3. Heat is not good for little seeds. Can always give it the old college try. 😉
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          Thank you, I will give one of the seeds a try.
          Setting up my next run with the hydro-ponics and had space for one more and wanted to be sure that there was little to no risk of the seed being male and contaminating the Silver Haze I've been drooling over to plant..


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            Just keep an eye out for the late blooming hermi. Since the parent may have had that trait? Could potentially be passed down to the seeds.

          Never get rid of your seeds ! The % is very high for them to be female vs hermit or male. When the money is short and your out of seeds ,these can be a shining star! I save and grow all seeds including bag and have great success! Meet hermi, had 2 wks to go and it was introduced to light during sleep period by family member.(peep and tom LOL) It is what it is but I will plant these seeds in spring. This a bud from Hermi, so close, It only takes 2-6 wks to produce a seed,My luck.

          Click image for larger version

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            I would certainly try them, however there is the small chance that there was a true male near you, it only takes 1 itty bitty pollen to make a seed. Just keep an eye on them! Momma is auto so will be Jr. may need more or less time to finish depending on who "daddy" is.
            I too save all seed from bags, and have planted them for many years, seed banks were not always there. My first legal crop came from bag seed, I enjoyed it a lot, got 1 male (pulled or course) and had to thin out some runts out of 20 or so seed to be legal.
            Good luck!


              I did try the seed, rooting cube, dilute aerated nutrient water - along with 4 other different seeds, 2xSilver Haze, 1xAmnesia Haze & 1xGelat.OG (I tend to do a mix variety when I grow).
              The 4 other seeds (SH, AH &GO) all sprouted and happy seedings sitting in the hydroponics now. The lone Northern Lights - nada, so I guess it did not survive the cooking them. But no loss in trying...


                It will be interesting to see which way they go when they begin to flower. I had a few buds with just a seed or two on the entire plant once but it was due to a small nana that formed a week or two before harvest_ at least thats hen I discovered it and cut it out. But it must have release a small amount of pollen before I discovered it, otherwise those few seeds wouldn't have had time to develop. I didn't try growing them because I thought they would be hermies and didn't want to take a chance on having to toss a plant later on_ wanted to utilize my small space as much as possible. I hope you are rewarded for your efforts and get some ladies!
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