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My strange confession to you all...

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    My strange confession to you all...

    I have no idea how to germinate seeds. My clone game is on point but without seeds, I am extremely limited to variety. I've read the guides here and stories of people failing to germinate and wasting their seeds. The irony is that my colloidal silver plant will be opening it's sacs pretty soon and I'll be able to make my own seeds. What method do you guys use in the germination process?

    Hi RFheavy

    Shot Glass for 24hrs
    Damp Paper towel in a Tupperware till you have a tail
    Tail down into a jiffy cube.
    Add a cfl bulb at 5" when she breaks ground
    heat mat and a dome is a great addition.
    Temp around 85f and 60%+ Rh.

    how it works for me.
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    • 9fingerleafs
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      Same here except step 3 I plant into medium and it’s hot here so no mats

    • RFheavy
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      Thank you, Mr. Furley. You have always pushed me in the right direction with knowledge and peace of mind.
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    Shot glass 24hours, then straight in its final pot, tail down, first knuckle deep.
    Good Luck with yours, you want have any trouble, just be careful not to overwater, when she pops up.
    Cfls for a week or two
    315lec for everything else
    Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
    36x36x63 inch tent.
    6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
    Smart pots


      Soak the seed in a small cup of water until it sinks. (If it goes over 24 hours and is still floating...replace the water with fresh). If it is floating than the shell has not softened enough for water to penetrate into it. When water gets inside the seed, it sinks and is activated for growth. Then, you need to get it into some wet paper towels or wet medium with out delay. I like to use the paper towel method....I put the wet paper towels into a plastic zip lock bag (open plastic bag 1per day to exchange the air) and put the plastic bag with seeds in wet paper towels in a dark place at approx 70F.
      You should see the tap root in a day or two.
      Use small container at first, like a red solo cup. Plant tap root facing down less than an inch in the medium. I use cfl lighting until the leaves and nodes become developed.
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        Soak till sink then into cup of soil.


          I use the WET paper towel in a ziplock bag method also, put in dark location for 3 days. Check to see if the seeds have cracked or if the tap root is poking out, tap root / point down( if seed cracked but no tap root showing) into starter cube and the rest becomes a Wonderfull transition.


            2 plates, wet towel, I usually keep them on the top of my PC (heatpad)


              Tried many ways, but have been using this exclusively for a couple of years. Using germination bags-

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              • RFheavy
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                That looks awesome!

              "My strange confession to you all...

              Today, 03:14 AM
              I have no idea how to germinate seeds."

              Your confession is very strange. I have never had a problem with germination. My question is where have you been getting your seeds? You may have been getting some bad seeds.

              Just add the magic ingredient H2O, and place in dirt. Very primitive as all of NATURE is.

              if this doesn't work for you Mr.furley method looks to be infallible.


              • RFheavy
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                I've only attempted one germination and that was my very first time growing. Aside from that, I've been lucky enough to be able to take cuttings from other plants. It's not a failure thing for me. I just never really needed to germinate now I'm scared to try.

              I soak paper towels (the type you have in your kitchen) and place the seed between them. Then I store the whole thing inside a zipp-it bag in a dark and toasty place for 1-3 days, depending on how fast it germinates.

              This works 9/10 times, and the one time it does not work I'm positive the seed was dead from the get go.

              - C


                I place the seed in the rapid rooter, and the rapid rooter in the coco. Give them pH water with CalMag and about 4 days late I have a seedling. I've only had one not pop and that because the rapid rooter stayed drenched for days. Probably drowned the poor Lil thing lol

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                  Super easy it it in a rockwool cube soaked of course. Then place it inside a ziplock bag and just sit it on top of your dvr or your WiFi router and that heat and moisture that builds up in there will sprout your seed in three days for sure that’s it then move to final pot or dwc tank done easy peasy lol that’s all I do..


                    I use pet plugs, you know the kind of dried peat pucks you let swell in water.. I drench it in pH 5,5 water for an hour, drop the seed in it and put it above the freezer,covered with a plastic bag)
                    Usually pops up after 3 days.. This way you are less likely to disturb the tap root. Wen germinated and first set of true leaf start to form, just plant the whole thing into whatever substrate you use.. If hydro - this is the time for the first feeding...
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                      braincrash The freezer that’s a good one. Same as what I do and yes that way once it sprout just put it in your dwc bucket or soil and your done no having to be careful or afraid of breaking the tap root. Also did you say pet plugs?? Where do I get that or what are they??


                      • braincrash
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                        I meanth "peat plug", Sorry for the typo.. Also, peat is naturally slight acidic and somewhat antiseptic, seedlings love that shit!

                      • Cali
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                        Lol okay. Maybe I’ll gove that a try next time? I have a bag of CSPM it supposed to be real good specially for organic grows. Getting ready for a no till grow. I want some true organic buds no liquid chemicals.. I have to admit DWC is so easy I’m still not 💯% sure but I want to try it to see if there is any difference in bud quality taste etc etc..

                      • Toker1
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                        Cali check out bio buckets. Might be what you are looking for.

                      Soak seeds in water with a splash of h202 till thay tail, place in medium tail down about a 1” down cover with medium&shot glass and spray twice a day with PHed water till she pops.
                      using a good seed starting soil in a jiffy pot or a rooter as a starter keep moist and warm. Floresents are best for seedlings and keep temps around 78F for best results. Lights should b kept as close as possible for warmth and light for the first two weeks.😎


                      • braincrash
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                        I like to use a smaller 150W MH, kept 12 inches above my mini greenhouse great for warmth as well

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