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My first legal grow!

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    Looks great!
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes CaliMagic
    Optic 4 - 415w COB
    Vortex in-line 6" fan
    Thing 1 - Purple Stilton Thing 2 - Lemon Haze CBD
    Thing 3 - Bubba Kush
    Foliar. Essence


      Damn! I spoke too soon! My healthy plant isn't so healthy anymore. I believe it is a Calcium deficiency with how my leaves look? I will post pics tomorrow. She's sleeping now lol. Unfortunately I cannot afford a PH meter so I bought strips. I did up a bucket of water that I tried to get as close to the right PH as I could? Flushed her but forgot to test the run off to see if the PH was still really high. Is it possible to see how she reacted to flushing her? Other then the way some leaves look she seems to be growing great? Buds aee getting bigger every day and the Trichomes are coming in nicely. If I did nothing would this eventually kill her or just stunt the growth? 😣😣


      • Canuck147
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        Cannabis plants react within a couple of hours to their feedings - if you give it too much of something, you will see a reaction(probably bad) - when they like something they will also react, but in a good way - like - leaves pointed up, nice green color, New growth............

      Not having seen it, all I would suggest is a light feeding with cal-mag to follow up on the flush. You should see improvement within a week.


        Here are what some of the upper leaves look like. How serious is this if the plant other wise seems to be doing great? Buds are getting bigger every day and Trichomes are forming everywhere. I'm broke right now so is there any other way to add calcium? The nuts I am using only have 1% calcium and I believe I read 4% is required for a deficiency?


        • PRIMO
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          You could try a cup of whole milk mixed in lotsa calcium there.

        • Rwise
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          Take 20 washed egg shells (I used oyster shell) and boil them in 1 gallon RO water, add 1 tablespoon epsom salt and 1 tablespoon dark brown sugar (or unsulfured black strap). Strain into spray bottles and you have home made calmag.

        Despite the calcium deficiency she's still looking pretty good at 26 days. 😎


        • 9fingerleafs
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          It’s getting pretty big, you gonna have a great harvest

        I assume you "didnt start before" Oct 17 its ok. I got mine a month prior.

        As for the seed dilemma, you can simply say "someone gave me these seeds"

        Yes they are "required to be obtained from lps".
        But when it comes to "giving seeds" it does not say "given seeds must be obtained through legal sources or lps".

        It simply says "can give seeds".

        If they ask who, just say it was an acmpr patient handing out seeds at the cannabis store opening day. You dont know their name! Just a random!

        As for seeds in the bud, the LPs have all irradiated the bud :/ so even if you got one they wouldnt grow.... unless your lucky!
        Please help support my new YouTube channel!


          I guess my answer if the calmag and flush helped is in the pictures. I'm already up to 3 colas that need help holding their weight. Still have at minimum of 3 weeks to go. 😀😎


          • 9fingerleafs
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            Very very nice my friend

          looks good looks REAL GOOD!!!
          4'x 6' x 8' room
          2-400w MH/HPS bulbs
          sunshine mix #4
          mega crop nutes
          current grow
          jack herer
          afghan kush
          green doctor


            What a great little problem to have. I've used all 14 of my hangers on my baby. I have to get more for the other branches that are starting to sag from the weight 😎. I can't wait to see how much I get from her?

            Will the damaged leaves from my calcium deficiency dry up and fall off ir should I cut them? There are some close to the buds, if they touch the buds will they turn brown as well? Or is the deficiency only in the leaves themselves? I still can't believe how well.she has done considering all the sick leaves?


              Here is what a few buds look like with the calcium deficiency. Will this turn the buds the same colour? Don't want to hurt my medicine 😪


                She's getting closer to flush time. Buds are getting fatter everyday. 😎😀


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