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Qwerty's second grow.

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    Qwerty's second grow.

    So same setup as last round (see my signature).

    This time I have far less time due to having to move. That is planned around july. I am including a picture of my 4 plants + my buddies...

    Which should I give him? 2x Blue Hawaiian 1x Blueberry and 2x Pineapple Express autos (Topped 2-3 times if they are healthy enough)

    Sum of main items used to grow:
    5x5x7 Tent
    2x Mars Hydro 144s
    1x Wish red spectrum LED (yes it works, I feel it helps the MH in flower).
    Fox Farm Happy Frog
    Technaflora Nutrients
    5 Gal containers this go
    Bluelab pH pen

    So here is the picture of them currently. Just topped the blueberry to get its manifold started.

    Back left Pineapple Express x2
    Front left Blueberry
    Right / Middle Blue Hawaiian

    ***Warning the first picture has the red led on***

    Please visit for reviews on grow equipment. It is going slowly as I am trying to find products to review (and supportive companies!) I do giveaways there, do not tell me your from GWE however.

    Congrats on #2, Looking forward to your grow! Good Growing !!


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