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critical kush auto day 85 still not ready

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    critical kush auto day 85 still not ready

    I'm growing the only survivor of barneys farm critical kush auto. she is on day 85. she is massive measuring 128cm. i started flushing a week ago it's my 1st ever grow. The problem I have is the buds look ready but the plant isn't ready to harvest and has a grassy smell. how much longer can o expect to wait I thought autos were quicker from seed to harvest. I've taken popcorn buds off dried them and they just smell like grass and don't dry hard they look like bits of cut grass. i hope I've not messed up the whole thing. I've attached some images Click image for larger version

Name:	20181030_094423.jpg
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Name:	20181030_094423.jpg
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    It looks like it has a little bit longer to go. In my experience, the bigger the auto, the longer it takes. And that, madmucka, is a decent size auto.

    When you first harvest, the bud will have that fresh grass smell. Once it dries out, put it in jars to cure it for a couple weeks. It will smell and taste much better.

    Nice job, that's a really good looking plant!

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      She looks gorgeous! My personal experience has been that photos and autos ALWAYS take longer than breeders guidelines. My last two auto grows took longer than 90 days. Looks like you have a little longer to go. Are you checking trichome color? That is the gold standard for harvest window. Good luck, she's a big girl!
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        I just want to know, how tall is that main cola???😲😲
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          Great job she's a big girl. I can't wait to start some autos


            Autos are fun and yeah mine are taking alot longer that stated by the breeder but it's my fault. I usually expect 10 to 14 days longer than they say but this time I'm guessing 20 days longer or more.
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              Holy cola! Impressive girl you got there! I just wanna worship it lol, but i agree with the users above a proper dry and cure and youll be looking at a tasty smoke, check your trichs and wait for your amber and youll get some seriously potent stuff!
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                hi guys. she has a big main it's larger than a 2litre bottle the rest has been harvested and dried except the main and we've had 3 1/2 oz of dry kush already. she was a monster.


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