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Mainline vs Double Mainline - Grow 6

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  • Doubledealing72
    commented on 's reply
    On the normal mainline, I would cut everything off except for the second node when it had roughly 5 nodes. On a double mainline, I left the 2nd and 3rd, or 2nd and 4th nodes on. This made for a longer harvest than normal, but I got more off that plant than other whole harvests.

    So I'll be leaving one node on each strain, and two nodes on the other plants.

    In the pic, you can see the 2 nodes that we're left on to form two different mainlines.

  • 9fingerleafs
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    Like having two main-lines parallel one on top of the other ?

  • 9fingerleafs
    I don’t understand exactly what’s the difference between the two.

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  • Doubledealing72
    started a topic Mainline vs Double Mainline - Grow 6

    Mainline vs Double Mainline - Grow 6

    Hey everyone! This will be my 6th grow, and after harvesting my Alien v Triangle and getting over 9 oz, I want to try an experiment.

    This grow will consist of Gorilla glue auto and Gorilla glue #4 auto. I will use 2 seeds of each strain. Each strain will have one plant mainlined, and one plant double mainlined.

    I'm not sure if it was the particular strain or the double mainline technique that got me such a good result, but we shall see if there is a major difference in yield between the 2 tehniques.

    Here's the rest of my stats:

    ​​​​​​Gorilla glue auto
    Gorilla glue #4 auto
    4 55 w autocobs
    Mother Earth coco
    silica blast

    I haven't even started this grow yet, but I will be in a few days. My grow room needed a thorough cleaning which has taken up my day today.

    Have a great day everyone! Here's a pic of stem off the alien v Triangle to show the double mainline technique.

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