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Grow Journal 1 Nirvana Bubbleicious

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    Grow Journal 1 Nirvana Bubbleicious

    Tonight is the beginning, and I'm as nervous as I am excited.
    The seeds from Nirvana (Bubblelicious Fem.) arrived today. The first one will be sleeping wet and in the dark tonight and we'll see were we are in a few days.
    I'm be placing it in a moistened paper towel with rhizomes, as per the suggestion of Cali Green's (YouTube).
    I'll break down my equipment in the next post.


    ...and so it begins.
    My first grow


      Welcome to the game, EZ!!
      "N if it's good enuf to get broke off a propa chunk, I'll take a small piece of some of that funky stuff"

      Grow # 9:White Widow (DP), Jack Herer (GHS), Bad Azz Kush (BF), C99 (G13 Labs),
      400w LED BCNL grow box,
      Royal Gorilla (RQS), Amnesia Lemon (BF), LA S.A.G.E. (TH Seeds), Chemdawg (HSO),
      400w MH/HPS BCNL grow box
      Future Harvest nutes


        So I've placed two seeds into the dark to sprout. I'm going with a straight Foxfarm grow for my first run. I've invested in the long haul. I've included a source list and cost for reference. I'll be doing low stress training (LST) in the hope of keeping the plant height low and increasing production.
        This is my first grow, so, as much as possible, I'll be keeping it simple.

        I'm sure I've already made some mistakes or unwise choices. It's all part of my knowledge growth as much as the plants, so I'm open to any feedback or suggestions.
        I'm open to questions too.
        1/20/2018 Digita Thermo/Hygrometer Wish $4.25
        1/20/2018 5 gallon Fab Pot Wish $3.00
        1/20/2018 Shipping Wish $4.00
        1/30/2018 Root Zone (Down to Earth) Amazon $9.99
        1/29/2018 Digital PH Meter Amazon $13.99
        1/27/2018 Foxfarm Fertilizer 3 Pack Amazon $28.98
        1/25/2018 5 gallon Fab Pot Amazon $7.99
        1/25/2018 TurboForec Fan Amazon $14.99
        1/26/2018 4" Inline Duct Fan eBay $31.99
        1/26/2018 4" Charcoal Filter eBay $27.90
        1/20/2018 Grow Light Hanger eBay $5.99
        1/20/2018 Mars Reflectoer 480W/Tent eBay $237.14
        1/30/2018 Seeds (5) Nirvana $50.00
        1/27/2018 Pruning Snips Home Depot $11.97
        1/27/2018 Bypass Prunner Home Depot $11.97
        1/27/2018 Moisture/Light/PH Meter Home Depot $7.98
        1/27/2018 Hang All Hook/Strap Home Depot $9.94
        1/27/2018 Root Hormone Home Depot $5.37
        1/27/2018 Twist Tie 100' Home Depot $2.59
        1/27/2018 Plant Label Home Depot $1.99
        1/27/2018 Ocean Forrest Potting Soil Dayton Hydro $16.00
        1/27/2018 Mortar Tub Home Depot $5.98
        1/28/2018 Dryer Duct 8' Home Depot $10.48
        1/28/2018 Light Timer Home Depot $12.97
        1/28/2018 Duct Clamp 4" x3 Home Depot $5.01
        2/5/2018 Ph Down Amazon $13.29
        2/15/2018 150 W 65K Bulb Amazon $14.99
        2/15/2018 Uniclife 80-550 GPH Pump Amazon $7.99
        2/15/2018 Gear Tie's x2 Home Depot $10.66
        2/22/2018 iPower Fan Speed Control Amazon $12.99
        2/22/2018 Vivosun UV400 LED Glasses Amazon $14.99
        Total $578.73
        Last edited by EZDreamer; 02-24-2018, 05:11 PM. Reason: It was pointed out that several items were missing from my purchase inventory, plus I've added a few things as recommended by some of you. Thanks for the feedback.


        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          Setup coming along nicely!! I don't keep track of what I've spent: it would be too depressing! ;-}

          Have you got a little heat under those seeds, EZ? I always put a germination pad under my germination tray, and they pop fast with a little heat and the right level of moisture. It depends on how warm the environment is, but I always do it that way now, and it always works.

          I've got some of those Nirv. Bubblicious, too; not for next grow, but the one after that.

        • Campesino
          Campesino commented
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          EZDreamer You are off to a good start.
          One tip, try to move the electrical (power strip, timers, etc) out of the tent or at least mount it securely higher in the tent.
          Good luck!

        • EZDreamer
          EZDreamer commented
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          Alltatup, I'm so with you regarding the price of everything. I knew I was invested, but the bottom line kinda hurt. I'm keeping in mind that spread out over many grows it will begin to be worth it.
          I didn't try the heat, but it is a good idea. I saw it done in several videos and it was successful for them too.
          Capeson, I saw that the power strip was a little low too. I have since moved it all up to the top. Thanks for the advice.

        Morning ezd, yes indeed, you are ready now, and we all on GWE are going to try our best, to help you be successful, and harvest some fine bud.
        I've grown, Bubblelicious from Nirvana before, but mine was an autoflower, I kinda wish you would have chosen autoflowers for your first grow, cause they are so much quicker.
        Best thing I can tell you now is to continue reading an learning all you can from Gwe. And make sure your FFOF has the right PH, and there is no bugs that you can see in it. Anyway. It's still gonna be ok anyway, but it's been known to be like that before.
        Cfls for a week or two
        315lec for everything else
        Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
        36x36x63 inch tent.
        6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
        Smart pots


        • EZDreamer
          EZDreamer commented
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          D.A.A.S.69, I'll double check that FFOF PH. Ocean Forrest has been described as the "perfect ph soil) in so many places that I have been complacent in checking it. I never thought to look for bugs. I'm going to do all that right now.
          Thanks Friend

        Bubblelicious is one of my favorite strains to grow and consume.
        As far as keeping it simple, here is a KISS grow, for reference, -in progress-

        Keep in mind that plants love consistency!
        It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

        KISS @ Dry/Cure:

        Staged Harvest:

        SWICK- this is not a test:

        Grow Journals:

        #1, Tahoe OG Kush-clone-extreme defoliation:

        #2, Auto Jack Herer-extreme training:

        #3, Window Sill Grow - auto:

        #4, KISS grow- Girl Scout Cookies- auto:


        • EZDreamer
          EZDreamer commented
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          Thanks for the heads up and link. I've read through it and like what you're doing. After I get a couple of successful grows under my belt, I hope to try some KISS grows as well. I really want to try it the long way, just for the exposure to all of the principals I've found in GWE's amazing resources.
          I'll continue to follow your progress. It looks good.
          Thanks again.

        I don't know how big your tent is but you might want to consider a 6" fan and filter. I started with a 4" but have upgraded to 6" fan with speed control. Also suggest a timer for lights. Good luck!
        DIY grow space 2.5' X 3.5' X 6.5'
        315 LEC
        6" Vortex exhaust fan w/speed control
        6" Carbon filter
        3- 6" fans
        temp and humidity gauge
        5 gal smart pots w/ FFOF soil
        FF trio nutrients


        • EZDreamer
          EZDreamer commented
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          Thanks for the suggestion. My tent is 27"x 27"x 66". I went back and forth between a 4" or 6" fan and finally settled on the 4". I'll give it a couple of grows and make the call. I've already got one loaded on my wish list.
          I do have a double timer plugged into the power strip, supplying just the lights. It's programmed and ready to go. I just realized it's not on my equipment list. There's another $15 I forgot about, lol.

        • Campesino
          Campesino commented
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          Signature still says 4"
          I think it depends on a lot of factors, but particularly heat and humidity for the plants and noise for you. If you need to vent lots of heat and humidity you may need a 6" fan even in a small space. If you live in a cooler dry climate and use LEDs you can certainly use a 4" fan in a reasonably large space. The thing that often gets overlooked is that 6" fans will be quieter than 4", so if that is an issue, best to go large.
          I was trouble shooting your list and almost wrote that you needed pH up and down, then I saw them in the pics... guessing they weren't free

        My seeds are still soaking in the dark. I've been running the system checking temps and humidity and looking for potential failures. Everything seems to be good. Temp has been running 69 and the humidity is 54.
        I'd like the temp to rise up a couple more degrees, but I really don't want to add any heat source that may go wrong in the near future and damage my plants.


        • EZDreamer
          EZDreamer commented
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          Yes, I'm running everything as normal LED's on plus 150W CFL.
          I have to admit that I hadn't heard that the seeds didn't need the dark. Everyone seems to suggest setting them a dark space. That just makes it easier all the way around.
          I'll have to look for the speed control. Where did you get yours? I can see that it would resolve a couple of issues for me.
          Thanks all for your support.

        • Campesino
          Campesino commented
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          There are plenty of seeds that actually require darkness to germinate, but Cannabis is not among them.
          Most people seem to think otherwise, but here is a link from HighTimes...
          Cannabis seeds need only water, heat, and air to break dormancy and germinate"

        • EZDreamer
          EZDreamer commented
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          Yeah, the second seed was a last second add in and I regretted it after the fact. I guess we'll see what develops and learn a couple of things along the way.

        Thanks to alltatup, I moved the seeds to a much warmer space and they had sprouted the next morning. Thanks for the great advice.


          A long time no post... my excitement was short lived after four consecutive failures to sprout. I did have one, as seen above, sprout and actually break the surface about 1/2 an inch before stunting into nothing for weeks on end. Five seeds and five fails. Now, I'm an experienced gardener and I've everything Grow Weed Easy has written on the subject, plus YouTube videos out the butt. Five seeds, five fails, REALLY?

          Not one to accept defeat or give up easily, I went back to Nirvana and reordered Bubblelicious, but got the Auto Fem this time as suggested by D.A.S.S.69. April 2nd I followed Nebula's suggestion on the seed in the cube and off we went. The following pics show the first seed and where we stand today.
          The first leaves turned brown suddenly, I think it was too much light. I turned off the 150 Watt compact florescent and raised the LEDs.

          She seems to be coming along. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

          Has anyone else had five seed failures or am I just special?


            Hey ez. Totally new to the game here but I'm 10/10 with my first grow. All I did was pop the seeds into the pots with some organic soil from Walmart. No pre soaking or anything. Just a sprinkle of water. No more than 10ml into the soil. Seeds where 1/2 inch down.

            Working great for me. I debated on seed cubes and paper towels decided to do it the way mother nature would.

            Sorry to hear about you five bad starts but looking great now.


              Hey EZ , starting seeds can be tricky as I have had my share of failures. At first I thought I received bad seeds but now I know it was all me. My house is usually on the cooler side of things and I realized heat was my main issue. Bought a heating pad and totally tried a few seedlings. I learned to place a towel over the heat pad. I put the seed in a small piece of wet paper towel and this into a zipper baggie. I then place the baggie on the towel that is over the heat pad. I set a thermometer next to the baggie and cover everything with a clear glass baking dish. I monitor the temps to keep them very close to 70-72 degrees. I'm still learning after five years of growing and may try some starter cubes next time instead of the paper towel.
              You will love your Bubbleicious from Nirvana. I harvested some last Dec. and it has become my favorite. Good luck with your Autos!


                Sup EZ!

                Nice setup. Good luck! ✌
                Current Grow
                Power Plant | 2x2x4 Tent | FFOF Soil | BP Cal-Mag | FF Trio Nutes | 300 LED | Temp R/H Gauge | Humidifier | Fans | 2 Gallon Smart Pot | 4' 190 CFM/Speed Controller | 4' Carbon | Passive Intake


                  Running way behind on updates. It's always something...

                  Well, She is doing beautifully. On 4-25 I pinched off her top and started my LST with just one bend.
                  She handled it well and recovered quickly.

                  More images and updates in a few minutes.

                  Note: Room Temp: 81
                  Humidity: 75% - 80% with no air filter running at this time.
                  Feeding FoxFarms Grow Big at half strength.


                    May 2nd, After the pinch back and first LST, she sprang back beautifully. It amazed me that it had doubled in size in just a week.

                    I re-potted her into a five gallon fabric pot and a couple days later gave her the second LST, this time bending out seven stems and branches.

                    I'm now feeding her FoxFarm Grow Big and Big Bloom, both at half strength.


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