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Buying clones etc online in the USA

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  • Buying clones etc online in the USA

    HI all. I'm new to growing and smoking for that matter but to speed up the process i was going to buy some mothers and clones from I've talked to them and they seem legit. Does anyone out there have experience with this company or any other company that will ship plants to me? btw, im in a state on the edge of being legal, but not yet.


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    - Two entries on Ripoff Report
    - Rated 66% "Safe" on ScamAdvisor

    Seems iffy but don't know how accurate either of these sites are. I think you'd be better off starting from seed with known genetics from a legit seed shop.
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    • Aloner
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      GWE on seed buying

      I got the seeds for my first grow from Nirvana. They shipped promptly and all 5 seeds popped and are growing great! I just put an order in with Seedsman, who is very popular around the GWE forums. With all the freebies they threw me I can see why!

      If you want to order from a US-based company, I know Southern Oregon Seeds has a good rep with folks on the forum, the only complaint I've heard is they sometimes have difficulties keeping everything they offer in stock.

      Read the article I linked above, lots of good info!

    • abadtrip
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      I order from so or seeds and yea finding something in stock can be frustrating I was lucky on my last 2 orders.

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    I would by seeds like aloner said. It's safe and there are seed banks in the USA so u don't have to worry about customs
    It's 4:19 u got a minute?

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      thx everyone! I appreciate the info.


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        I don't share the enthusiasm for buying within the US at this time. Until it is legalized on a federal level in the US I will continue to purchase my clones locally from trusted sources and my seeds from international sources. It may cost more , but at the end of the day it's only money not my time in a prison cell. Federal legalization is the only path to safe interstate commerce of cannabis products.
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          That's how I look at it too

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        That's not how I look at it. When I need some seeds quick I'm getting mine quick from the USA, in less than a week. Not 2 or 3 weeks from overseas. I have only got seeds from the USA 3 different times with absolutely no problems or hold-ups but I have bought seeds overseas many different times and almost always I can expect times of very close to 3 weeks or longer with no hold-ups and longer if held up by customs. It's illegal to grow where I live maybe one day it will be legal.


        • GanjaGed
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          It's illegal here too.

          You are concerned about a different thing, speed/ease. It's a legitimate thing, but has nothing to do with what I, and not to speak for Obi-Wan but I think him too, have concerns about.

          The issue is what happens when/if the seeds get intercepted? Because while a person may not have had any problems that neither means it won't or that it doesn't. With Customs you have a huge agency looking for contraband, when they find something like small seed orders, they have neither money nor the manpower to go chase down some home grow, which they then have to prove actually ordered the seeds, except they intercepted them so you never actually possessed them so there is no crime, and to prove otherwise they have to get information from a foreign business who has no desire to cooperate.

          When you're dealing with a US seedbank you're dealing with the US Post Office a Federal Agency who's entire purpose is domestic, and who for the record is not part of the DOJ and therefore not restricted by the budget amendment that protects medical users in legal States. They have absolute free reign to investigate, and prosecute everywhere if it involves the mail.

          There are articles left and right about Sessions wanting to kick the drug war off again, prohibition States pulling over cars entering from legal States to check for weed etc., articles about weed being sent through the mail and all the info is domestic and subject to subpoena from companies who would also be under investigation and who's best interest is served by complying.

          The interesting thing is the package that has no issues is actually the most dangerous no matter domestic or foreign, because if they want to get someone, they're going to do it as the person get the seeds, they need them to be in possession.

          Fortunately we're mostly all very small fish and under most radars and very unlikely to have issues these days from either order platform, unlike back in the good old days, lol.

          I live in a town of less than 100 people, all I need is some hick post master general from Corn Hollow looking to keep his job snooping around my stuff, lol. I order way ahead of when I'll want the seeds, both to account for the shipping and to get around out -of -stock. Which is another thing most US banks have either a terrible selection or they're always out of stock.

          But that's not to convince anyone, just my reasoning why I do it the way I do I have SOS on my links, I look at what they have a lot, and once we get prohibition ended I'll make the switch, providing what I want is avail, lol

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        thx again everyone. I do appreciate the input. When is the government going to actually look and see how much money they can make, jobs that can be made and less money spent on our police stopping people for a little weed? Geez. I did start some seeds that i got from oversees. So far i learned, "stop watering them so much!" lol. but now they are growing like a weed. I'll make you all laugh in the next piece. So i'm a ultra newbie so everything that happens with my plants is pretty exciting to me. Yesterday I go down to my lab and low and behold an incredible smell of ganja. I didn't know the plant would actually smell while growing. LMAO


        • Aloner
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          Lol that was me 3 months ago

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        Every now and then I see something different that I might want to grow but I ain't got no problems growing the same ole good stuff, I ain't too picky. And you can bet yo ass, if I'm planning on growing I already got the seeds ,I ain't waiting on them. Peace.


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          Hi Moonshot, I'm with everyone else, seeds are the way to go
          My first (and worst) grow I brought clones from a local dispensary -- and got spider mites as freebies (the proper red dot, super resistant, dispensary mites too!).
          My buddy brought a bunch of clones from the most respected clone shop in LA this year -- we put them outside in May (with a solid 14 hours of daylight) but because they'd been grown under 24/0 they pre-flowered.
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