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2x2 grow tent too hot and low humidity

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    2x2 grow tent too hot and low humidity

    I am using a 2x2x5 grow tent and i am having trouble cooling it and my humidity ids only around 30%. I have one inline fan bringing cool air in and two fans taking hot ir out. I am doing this in my closet so i cannot run the ducts outside but they are running out the closet. This is my first grow and i would greatly appreciate any help as my germinated seeds will break ground any day.I have chosen to grow Blueberry fem autoflowers from Amsterdam.

    Hi WWG, welcome to the forum! What's the temp in the closet? Can you show us a picture?

    If you don't have a humidifier, you can hang some wet washcloths or something like that in the closet to provide more humidity.
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      I do appreciate your problem...the only ways I see that could help may be: a small AC unit or if you could keep the door/flap open and direct an external fan towards it to blow in more air....personally, I set my lights for daytime as much as possible and just leave the flaps open a tad when its really hot and burn lots of joss sticks to mask the smell....regarding humidity, watering will naturally add moisture to the air....personally I wouldn`t worry about it being at 30....its when it is higher that probs occur like mold etc....sorry, not much help really but good luck


        If you're still in veg you can leave the tent open... unless you have security concerns doing so. Also, when is your light cycle set for? If not already you can set the lights to come on during the night when temps overall are cooler and off during the hottest part of the day.
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          You need to pull cool air into that tight closet. Both my tents had issues while I waited for hubby to install fart fan in an old bathroom. . I got temp down w fans blowing into that space, otherwise its stagnant air that just builds more heat. Blow air in, or out just exchange it and humidity comes easier without the heat. But make sure if you do get a humidifier its a cool mist....


            I use a 2 foot by 4 foot tent and use a 600 watt bulb. I have NEVER had a problem with heat. I guess I just lucked out I guess


              If the humidity is low you might try a portable swamp cooler to cool the air going in and add some humidity at the same time. Remember what ever method you pick make sure it works during the flowering stage as well.


                Here are some pics of my setup. I got temp down to 90 but humidity is still about 25%.


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                  Can you blow a fan on high at that doorway?

                • alltatup
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                  wickedweedguy nice setup, but like CCisme says, blow cool air in there. You said above that you had exhaust fans and one blowing cool air in; maybe that is just moving the cool air out of the closet too fast.

                  Before I got my reservoir chiller, I tried a fan in the room blowing out the warm air, and it didn't work. I should have reversed its position and just blown cool air into the room.

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                  I was venting indoors for a while but recently did the work to make sure my outtake was going outdoors. It gave me about a 5-10 degree temp drop in my tent.

                What kind and watt/light are you using?

                These are autoflowers so you have more options, as it matters little if the tent is open or closed etc.. or if they are in veg or flower !!
                Or they are in a tent or open air.

                I wouldn't worry about the humidity, as it will increase when you drop the temperature.
                What is your ambient temperature - outside the tent?

                Also, move the thermometer down to the height of the plant. A few inches above the soil, for now.
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                  The biggest factor is going to be what the temperature is in the space you're drawing air from. If the temps in the adjacent room are 85 then you're not going to cool the grow room to less than that. Now if it's in the 70's you've got something to work with.

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                    I struggled with heat in my small grow area too until I bite the bullet and got a decent centrifugal exhaust fan with speed control. Money well spent! I agree with Marley, if you are exhausting hot air into the same room you are trying to pull in fresh air then you are chasing your tail! Good luck and keep us posted!
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                      Thanks for the advice i will put it to good use. Another question i have is i have a LED light but dont know the wattage or if its full spectrum. it is roughly same size as my tent. It fits inside the tent perfectly and has white blue red and yellow/orange lights. does anyone know cause it has no writing on it what so evere and was given to me.


                      • BuddMarsh
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                        That is a huge LED light for your tent. Most LED lights for a tent that size are much smaller. That could be the reason it is so hard to keep your tent cool. Could you use more of the closet to grow in instead of the tent? Clothes look just as good on the floor as they so hanging up IMO. :-)

                      • wickedweedguy
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                        think i may try that

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