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Curing with Boveda

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    Curing with Boveda

    Need some help in clarifying how to use the Boveda curing packets. In the GWE guide for curing and Boveda packets, I am led to believe that the pack aren't very good in lowering humidity but pretty good on raising the humidity. Also the guide says not to leave in like longer than 4 weeks.

    On the Boveda homepage video they make it sound like the packs raise and lower the humidity and to use them for, well long term storage.

    Soooooo which is it, or did I misinterpret the whole thing, anyone with any experience and recommendations with these packets?

    Thanks for any help.

    I use the 62's on my long term(?) storage jars. I only use them after I have finished the curing process(at least 4 weeks for me) and they don't seem to alter the flavor/smell in anyway I can tell. Does keep the buds in (showroom) condition..
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      I do the same thing that gbauto does. If you are still in the 65-70% cure phase, wait until the buds dry out a bit more before you put in the Bovedas.
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        Some growers have experienced impact to their flavor and/or smell with long term use. I have not personally experienced that with my long term use. Personal choice I guess.

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          I'm with the others. Haven't had any issues with long term storage but like you I am confused about their ability to lower humidity.
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            Well, I'm still confused, but that's normal -- The video on the bottom makes me think I dry the buds and then stick them in a jar with their product and their product does the rest,

            In the Tutorial (GWE) it makes it seem like it's only good to increase humidity.

            I like easy so If Broveda did control all this, I would probably try it.


              Same as the above. I wait til my cure / burp has stabilized then do the 62
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                Thanks! That's what I'll do then.


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                  The trick to using Bovida is to have your humidity very close to 62% before the pack goes in. After you have dried your buds, and you have determined that it is time for them to go into jars, that is the right time (IMHO) to put in the Bovida 62. That way if you are a few degrees off, the pack will make it stable at 62. A great tool that I will not be without. Anything to eliminate the guess work.

                These things should not be considered as an aid to curing but as an aid to maintaining your humidity in the jars. You still need to cure it to close to 62%.
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                  Got it Thanks, and I think i will be ordering some in the near future.


                    It's really great to hear all your experiences with the Boveda humidpacks!

                    When we used them, it didn't seem to affect the smell as far as we can tell. We put the packs into the jars with the freshly dried buds. It also didn't seem to lower the humidity as far as we could tell. However, I really wish we had used a hygrometer to test the humidity after adding the Boveda packs, because that would tell you for sure if they can lower the humidity. I will definitely make sure to get some and test that next harvest and publish it to the curing page!

                    It seems like everyone agrees they work well if you add the Boveda packs to the jars after the buds are at least mostly dry, and for long term storage. Since we didn't notice any difference ourselves, we stopped using them. However, I've definitely heard from a few growers who struggle with curing that the Boveda packs improved their results!

                    yamiacaveman I will take a look at the curing page right now and make sure it talks about both ways to use Boveda packs.

                    I hope other people chime in with their experiences, too!


                      My 2 cents for what it's worth( exchange rates subject to change, heh).
                      I found that putting one in the jar I was curing in didn't do a whole lot. I kept a hygrometer(sp?) in there to double check humidity. It went up higher than pack was rated for which I suppose is expected. I kept a close eye on it and ended up with keeping the jar cracked open slightly so the humidity stayed reasonably level over several days.
                      In the end, I just smoked it all before cure finished, so there is that. 😁
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                        Probably going to end up doing the same thing, :-)

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                        Had friends over today to try two of the strains I just put in jars to cure: they smoked guuuuuuuuuuud!!!!!

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