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    I am looking to try LST this year as last summer my plant was huge & I have limited space. Should I top my plant before tying it down? Thankyou for any help

    You have really large internodal spacing which is a clear sign it is not getting enough light. Yes. It will be huge at that rate.

    If it is a photoperiod I would top that at the first or second node and give it double the light and flatten out the remaining branches below the top.

    The three headed top looks like a mutation to me. Had the same on one of my last autos.
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      As close as I can see on my computer, I don't see a nub at the topping. Could the third branch be from an unintentional FIM?
      Friesians whatever you do, watch that first topping. If you pull those two new mains you will split the plant down the middle. Getting some tape in there and holding the main at the base of the stems will help keep it together.
      If it does split, just wrap it up with some tape and search the main GWE website for easy fixes.
      In the future, try to cut an inch above the nodes.
      I ain't no hollaback beard.



        I would top the 2 tallest ones back to the node below and FIM all the sprouts on the remaining plant. It may stunt if for a second from the stress but when it gets back into growth mode it'll explode into a thick, bushy plant but you have to follow what Bluey said and give it more light.

        It looks like you have it located on your balcony. You may need to move it to a better location for it to get more light or use a grow light to supplement the light it needs. Pot looks to be a 3 gal nursery pot. If you're going to keep it in a pot and not in the ground I would transplant into a 15 gal bag so that you have enough soil to maintain the plants nutrient needs. I would do that first and give it a week or two to acclimate to it's new home then start doing LST.


          I'm currently trying the manifold/LST combo, and it's been both super easy and low maintenance.
          I'm growing in DWC though, so this may be a bit slower in soil.
          I'd give it a try, it's very relaxing, like smokeable bonsai.

          by Nebula Haze Table of Contents Intro: What is Main-Lining Cannabis? Ultra-Quick Guide to Building a Manifold
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          - Manifold/LST​


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