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    Plant problems dead spots

    My plants are a week from harvest and are getting dead brown spots all over the leaves. Could someone please help me figure out what’s going on.

    Brown spots on large sun leaves is typically what happens when aa plant begins flower. That being said, I'm more concerned that you feel that you are a week from harvest. There's a great article here on GWE about when it is best to harvest.


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      I'm with crucialbunny re harvest. You have a lot longer than a week to go.

      Check your pH of the solution you are feeding it.

      I got these on one of my sativas well into flower when my pH was too high and I diagnosed it as a boron deficiency which is quite an unusual one for me to have.

      I fixed it by simply correcting the pH.

    Read last Sundays new letter, and check your PH
    by Nebula Haze When it comes to growing weed outdoors, figuring out the perfect time to harvest is both an art and a science. However, getting the harvest timing just right rewards you with maximum yields of the best quality buds. Today’s tutorial on when to harvest outdoor marijuana plants will tell you what to...


      I should have specified in my post I have a few plants in flower that will be ready in a couple of weeks, but not the ones in the picture. I always check my Ph which I kept slightly below 7


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        What medium are your plants growing in?

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        Try keeping your pH between 6.3 and 6.7. 6.5 will be the sweet spot in soil.

        Check your runoff pH to see how close it is to your feed pH. Could be your soil pH locking out certain nutrient ions.

      Fox farm ocean forest soil
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        From the pic it looks like you're in week 3 - 4 of flower? If you're under LED I would say it's probably mag deficient. Leaf senescense, like crucialbunny mentioned, typically starts to happen around week 6 - 7.


          I've had a chance to click on your pics and can say it's not a boron deficiency.

          If they were outdoors I'd say it was birdshit but its not that either.

          It doesnt look like any deficiency I am familiar with. Get out the loupe and have a close look.

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            Maybe this'll help........

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Deficiencies chart.webp
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              So it ended up being the start of mold and bud rot. I saved what I could this year. But I’ve never had it spread that quick. I keep 2 fan on high going at all times in my greenhouse.


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                What do you do to control humidity?

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