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Boron or potassium deficiency

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    And there I go again w minimal info
    these are 5 1/2 weeks from spout water switched from every 3 days to less water every day and a half.
    P.h water at 6.5 to 6.75 and running 18 and 6 light shedual with fox farm oceanforest


    • Mr.furley
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      Editing a comment
      How's that temperature and humidity doing since you up the frequency of watering?

      Looking good remember to water the pot according to plant size and countdown 5 weeks from the last time you transplanted to fresh soil as a marker for nutrients.

    Still a lil trouble think my problem is growing on a budget my humidifier runs out of water every 4 to 5 hrs the exhaust fan is more than enough maybe too strong as when I close my tent the fan tries to colapse it from the negative air system it creates but All and all much more manageable and since we came to perhaps a toxicity level rather a deficiency
    they are much happier and the signs on the leaves don't show in new growth


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