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Mildew or Mold or Neither?

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    HELP! Mildew or Mold or Neither?

    I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have this “Moby Dick” plant which is supposed to hold up well to mold and mildew. Hopefully these pictures are ok but can anyone tell me if you think the brownish streaks on some of the outer sugar leaves are anything to worry about? Does is look like mold or something that would make the plant unhealthy or dangerous to harvest and smoke? Thank you so much!

    Looks to me like a shade of purple is coming on.
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      I guess it does look more like that. A week ago when I first noticed I thought it might be some kind of brown mold but that makes more sense. Thanks for leaving the comment!


        U have a long way to go , but your plant looks pale green and yellowing and i see way to much burn on the tips , is this outdoors ; tell us More about your nutes and your conditions


          Looks to me like the ph at the roots is far from the sweet spot


            I agree, the color that you mention looks pretty normal, but the tips of the leaves are telling a story. It could be many things, but first make sure you've dialed in your temps/humidity/ventilation/circulation/watering regimen/light settings before you try chasing nutrient deficiencies/pH levels/etc.

            Doing that feels like you're 'doing something' but it is often more than needed, especially if the 6 environmental factors aren't under control. Focus on those big 6 and things will likely straighten themselves out. If you're following your nutrient schedule then everything your plant needs is in there but if the environmental factors aren't in line then the plant can't access them.

            To answer your specific question, no, at this point it doesn't look like anything that could be dangerous to consume as the buds themselves look fine. However, if conditions aren't corrected, it could lead to mold or bud rot which would then indeed be dangerous to consume.
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              You have light burn as well as ph/nutrient issues. Raise your lights and check your PH both in and out.
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